Shelby County Democratic Party Ready to Kick Butts

Thursday night I attended the Shelby County Democratic Party (SCDP) monthly meeting. I must admit I was pretty disappointed in the lack of performance from this group, especially during the last City elections. In listening to many of its members I was not alone. Members voiced a need for the Party to be more proactive. During the last election some Democratic Clubs each created their own ballot endorsing candidates. This is fine, but the Party needs to develop a ballot as well.

The SCDP has the policy of not endorsing candidates in non-partisan races (that is races where candidates are not required to identify a political affiliation, such as in the City Council race). Seeing that SCDP is THE OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY their absence allowed some shenanigans to occur. Questionable acts that I personally feel cost some good candidates an opportunity to serve this great City.

Now if I went into the SCDP meeting somewhat disillusioned, let me state I left hopeful. Chairman Keith Norman handled his role as Chair as professional as I have ever seen anyone handle such a position. He addressed many of the members concerns. Such as lack of participation by the body in elections, weak membership, how to market the group and dwindling funds. What most interested me was that SCDP voted last night to put together an exploratory team to look at the organization in the future endorsing candidates in non-partisan races by creating their own ballot. In fact, Chairman Norman made it clear if the Shelby County “Democratic Party” does begin endorsing candidates he expects the “Democratic Clubs” to also fall in line and endorse these candidates. If they fail to do so they could find themselves censured, which is a procedure for publicly reprimanding a person or group for inappropriate behavior. Will this bring all the groups together? Yea, when donkeys fly.

Now as a Community Activist I have always had a love/hate view of ballots. If properly done they can be an additional tool to help voters decide which candidate to endorse. Ballots are guidelines not edicts.

Because I don’t see these Clubs ending their practice of putting out their own ballots I think it is critical that the SCDP put out a ballot by the Party.

I'm the type of person that if I see a problem I'm not going to sit around and whine about it; I'm going to roll up my sleeves and try to help. I plan to devote some of my time to working with the SCDP. Hopefully we can improve the election process for everyone.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but SCDP only talks about what needs to be done they won't do anything. I want to be positive Reginald since you said we should not just complain but offer suggestions. That's what I like about your site. Ok here is my suggestion. Keith needs to get a backbone and move that group forward. He needs to kick out those trouble makers like Gill and set some goal. I attend some of the SCDP meetings but get tired of all the belly aching.

Anonymous said...

Here my suggestion. The SCDP need to create polling station police.

Have people at each polling station that monitors the candidates/poll workers. They can monitor what they are saying and what they do.

They can even have undercover monitors. These people when they go
to vote will act like any other voter but take note of what the candidates/poll workers are saying to them and report it back to SCDP.

Now you might say this is what the Election Commission suppose to be doing, well they ain't.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with groups like Memphis Democratic Club endorsing candidates?

SCDP sure wasn't going to do it. In fact they haven't done anything. If SCDP wants a change then let them get out there and spend the money, time and energy like the "Clubs" have done.

By the way, nice site keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Its an uphill battle. People in this city are used to being led.

Anonymous said...

"Its an uphill battle. People in this city are used to being led."

You are so right! Then they complain about the people who are leading them.

Stop being sheeps!

Anonymous said...

Be careful Mr. Milton, these groups are not use to honorable people. They are back stabbers, and cheats.

Anonymous said...

SCDP needs to put a stop to all these paid ballots coming out. Ricky Peete did this same thing sometime back. People need to wake up and stop letting these so call politicians fool them. The Memphis Democratic Club ballot was nothing more than a lie. It took who ever was willing to pay the most money. WHERE WAS SCDP!!!!! You guys need to do your job or close your doors NOW!

Reginald Milton said...

I was very disappointed in the way the "Clubs" came out with their ballots. These groups use the word Democratic in their names. That is not just a word it is a statement of a belief, a belief in fairness and justice. When you put out a ballot you are making a statement to the community that you fairly reviewed these candidates and they represent the highest qualification for office.

I will say this to all of you. Don't blindly use ballots that you receive in the mail or at the polling station where you vote. Ask yourself, do I know this group that is putting out this ballot? Have I looked at any other sources for information on these candidates? I will be working very closely with SCDP with hopes of helping them in developing an impressive evaluation process for candidates and effective ways of distributing their ballots. Know that the Shelby County Democratic "Party" is THE OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY and is the umbrella Party for all these democratic clubs.

I hope these Clubs will step up to a higher standard of evaluation of candidates. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...


1. Develop effective fund raisers.
2. Get control of these so call democrats who are out there just for themselves.
3. Focus on educating the public. Support community groups so you will have a forum to share your views.
4. Get control of these Democratic Clubs.
5. Ballots like them or not they are here to stay. SCDP should be the ballot everybody who is a democrat looks to. NO MONEY SHOULD EVER BE INVOLVED IN BEING ENDORSED.
6. SCDP should develop a review process similar to the Coalition for a Better Memphis.
7. All candidates who want to be endorsed by SCDP should have to answer a questionnaire and come before a review committee composed of some of the most respected, knowledgeable individuals in the City.

There now let's see if they are listening.

Anonymous said...

Those that attack the SCDP are mostly want-a-bes. They want power, but they know they are not qualified so they rant and rave hoping to be thrown a bone to shut up. Well it never will happen.

This is a good site but be ready for these trouble makers.