Even if you voted, did you really vote?

One of the reasons I ran for City Council was to see first hand how our election process works. To me this is the clearest way to discover problems in a system, and that is to participant fully in the system. Did any of you ever watch the 1980’s movie “Brubaker” with Robert Redford? In the movie Redford arrives at a prison as one of the prisoners. Through the course of the movie he witnesses first hand the corruption, the hopelessness, and failure in that prison system. Well the twist to the story… [WARNING: Plot Spoiler]

…is that he in fact was the new warden and came in incognito to get a better view of how the system worked, or didn’t work in this case. Well I got a first hand view of what I think are the problems with our election process here in Memphis and probably everywhere. Mind you I pretty much knew this anyway but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand.

This election had nothing to do with issues. We heard things like… “Shake the Haters Off,” or “The White Conspiracy to take over City Council,” or “a Sex setup,” or “The Infamous Bar of Soap,” or “Drug Tests.” At the end of the day did any of this make your life better? Did any of this address the crime in Memphis, or helped you find decent housing, or end runaway taxes, or, or, or! Of course it didn’t, then why do politicians bring up crap like this?! They do this because it works.

If you are a rational, thinking voter that does his or her research and picks a candidate based on the specific qualifications necessary to facilitate effective change in government to insure its proper fiscal operation and constitutional duties, then this election had nothing to do with you. Politicians have learned that for the most part YOU DO NOT MATTER! You are in the minority. The majority of Memphians, at least the ones that even bother to vote, make their decisions based on gossip, vague name recognition, fears, prejudices, gut feelings, and a list of other irrational reasons too numerous to list.

Now should we blame the politician? That’s a waste of time because at the end of the day if it works that is what they are going to do. And they will continue until the minority realizes they are going to have to work to find ways to help the majority cut through this crap and finally elect people based on qualifications and not rhetoric.


Anonymous said...

You can say what you want but people in Memphis just are to lazy. I'm not trying to be mean but it a fact. They will believe a stranger before they will believe the news. I had people telling me the Cummney was gay, hated black people, mean. These people never met this women but they was happy to pass on gossip. I don't know why you Mr. Milton would want to run for office in this city. These GOD FEARING PEOPLE are the biggest sinners I know. I think we should have an IQ test for anybody who wants to vote. You think I'm joking. I'm serious. They cry all the time about these elected people not doing their job but will turn right back and elect them again.

Anonymous said...

It is simple.

If the Shelby County Democratic Party had any backbone they would put an end to all these so call Democratic "Clubs" putting out misleading ballots.

People just because you get an "Official Ballot" in the mail does not make it official. If you are going to use a ballot at least no who is sending it out.

To me anybody that use a ballot is lazy. How smart do you have to be to look down a list and vote for people you don't know just because someone tells you to, and the sad part is that they don't even know who these groups are that sent them the ballot. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Shelby County Democratic Party? Please!

That's why people don't know anything about the people they are voting for. The "Party" that should work to educate and insure a "democratic" process has their finger up their... (well this is a nice blog site so I won't say it, but you know where!)

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Speak up silent minority!

Reginald Milton said...

I plan to have several meetings with community groups and see how we can improve the process of sharing information. Too many important decisions are based on hearsay.

I truly feel the Shelby County Democratic Party should take a more visible role in local elections.

Anonymous said...

And it's begins with Wanda Halbert.

Take my word the new crop of City Councilmembers will keep the FBI in Memphis for some time.

We had a chance to move this city in a new direction but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

I am not too pleased with the selection of City Councilmembers. It looks a whole lot like the old Council.

Memphis is going to have to wake up if they really want change. I think the next four years are going to look like the last four years and that is not good.

Anonymous said...

Well Ricky Peete is off to jail for 51 months. Ed Ford Sr. will be going soon. And who do we replace them with???????

Janis Fullilove and Ed Ford Jr. God help you people in North and South Memphis.

Reginald Milton said...

To 3:24 P.M.

It is important to note that Councilman Edmund Ford has not been found guilty of anything. We live in a society where people are innocent until proven guilty.

What saddens me the most about people like Ricky Peete and Roscoe Dixon is that like them or not these were talented people. I will never understand why people will work so hard to get to a respected position in life and then throw it all away for a little extra change. Now I'm not trying to say I am above such things as money, but I never held it to such a level as I see many others are willing to do.

For me being able to sleep at night, or look myself in the mirror, or having the respect of others far out weigh any illegal monetary gain.

Anonymous said...

Why should it sadden you Reginald that people like Peete and Dixon are off to jail. These people took advantage of their positions. It is my opinion that soon Ed Ford will be going as well. And that is not an attack since it is an opinion based on the charges. You are being to nice. These people are bad and deserve to go to jail.