Congrats Grizz!


In a sold out game the Memphis Grizzlies took down the mighty L.A. Lakers in one of the best games I've seen this year. As I entered the stadium I was surrounded by Laker fans. A couple of people even made fun of my Grizzlies' cap. One person said, "You here to see them get beat by 30 points?" Of course the sad thing is that I wasn't at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, but right here at the FedEx Forum and those weren't people from L.A. but from Memphis.

Now of course people have the right to support whatever team they choose, but it breaks my heart to see Memphians down their own team. Do they not realize that this is one of the only professional teams we have in this city? I realize that other cities do the same thing but we can't afford that luxury.

Come on Memphis show some hometown pride!


Anonymous said...

Memphis is a poor city. Do you know how much it cost to go see a game. Take a family of four. Parking is going to run you $10 if you don't want to walk a mile. A decent seat in the nosebleeds will cost $23 each that's $93. A snack and drink for each person is around $15 that's $60. Oh the kids want a game shirt that'll run you $25 each that's $50.

So your family has just spent $213 for a team that loses most of the time. No thanks!

Anonymous said...

Anony said "family has just spent $213"

- $10/Adult - stubhub = $40
- Average Parking = $ 5
- Eat before game then
have box popcorn and
4 small cokes = $30
- Come early they give
free stuff away = $ 0

TOTAL = $75

You can make it work.

Anonymous said...

What the hell, they win against major teams and lose against the ones they should beat.

Reginald Milton said...

You can always find great deals. As a season ticket holder I see empty seats all the time and that's right Stub Hub is a good site to purchase tickets.