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Anonymous said...

The problem with politics is what is destroying Memphis. The people in Memphis keep electing fools who couldn't run water let alone government.

Justin Ford rant on the CA shows he has a mind of a 12 year old - flunked out of college - shaked up with a women - baby out of wedlock,

Ricky Peete took bribes - went to jail - came out - reelected - took bribes - back to jail,

Janis Fullilove passed out in the casino parking lot, pole dancing, domestic violence,

Barbara Ware not paying to have her cars inspected,

Willie Herenton need I say more,

Rosco Dixon took bribes went to jail,

John Ford will spend the rest of his life behind bars,

Edmund Ford took bribes, everybody knows it, but lucked up and got away with it,

Ophelia Ford passes out in a bar drunk as a skunk. Disappears for months - rehab of course,

Michael Hooks - took bribes

Kathryn Bowers - took bribes

This is why the rest of the county didn't want to have anything to do with Memphis.

Memphis is filled with hoodrats who elect dressed up hoodrats. Until this change nothing will change.