Open Letter from the DSCC


I have no interest in sugar-coating what happened in Massachusetts. There is a lot of anxiety in the country right now. Americans are understandably impatient. The truth is Democrats understand the anger voters feel - that's in large part why we did well in 2006 and 2008. We are doing what we were sent to Washington to do: tackle tough challenges in order to get the country back on track. We've made progress, and come November, we will have made even more.

In the days ahead, we will sort through the lessons of Massachusetts: the need to redouble our efforts on the economy, the need to show that our commitment to real change is as powerful as it was in 2008, and the reality that we cannot take a single thing for granted and cannot afford even a second of complacency.

These election results mean that Republicans will be even more emboldened to obstruct progress and distort the truth in their quest to protect the status quo. We must be aggressive in defining our opponents and framing the choice voters face. We cannot be timid about staking out our ground, and we must be strong in reminding voters what the Republicans did to our country and what they will do again if given the chance.


Sen. Bob Menendez

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Anonymous said...

While local, state and national Democrats are fighting each other, the Republicans are busy organizing and getting ready to win elections.