Christian Conseravative

If you were as sicken as I was when I listened to "a man of God" basically say that the Haitians people got what they deserved then you may ask the same question that I'm asking. Is "Christian Conservatism" an oxymoron?

Can you be a hard line neo-conservative and a passionate Christian at the same time? I would never take the comments of one individual and label an entire group, but where is the outcry from those who follow Robertson? Do they agree with the ranting of this man?

The poor victims of this earthquake were just that, victims. They were not sinners, or puppets of Satan. From Robertson’s view the Haitians who fought off their French oppressors also fought against God, for God was on the slave master’s side.

Mr. Robertson Satan is real but it’s not the Haitians I fear he is working through.


Anonymous said...

He believes that what he is saying is the truth. Not all who refer to themselves as Christians are.

Anonymous said...

Why do people follow that guy?! Remember what Lora Bush said about the Katrina people in the stadium. That this was probable the best they have ever had. These people see dark skin and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is when he dies and find out he's not going to Heaven.

Anonymous said...

God forgive him.