Like many of you I enjoyed waking up every morning with Morning Joe on MSNBC and then coming home after work to be entertained by Keith Olbermann's "Countdown", and the Ed Show. It was a staple for me to be able to listen to opinions and comments from an enlighten group of reporters.

When I got wind that Comcast was looking at moving MSNBC from basic tier cable to a more expensive tier which would require a digital converter box I prayed it wouldn't happen. Then a few weeks ago I woke up and to my horror MSNBC was gone and in its place static.

Now I'm sure conservatives applaud the change, but once again it shows the power of businesses to control what the American people see. This was a bad decision. Now I am forced to fork over more money each month for a converter box to watch my favorite shows.

Leaving Fox News and moving MSNBC strikes as unfair and an attempt to silence the liberal voice.

What are your thoughts?

(Dear viewers I will be out of town for a few days to celebrate my birthday. There will be a new post on my return.)


dwayne said...

What can I say Reginald except Happy Birthday? As a basic cable customer, I miss MSNBC. I think of myself as more moderate but enjoy some of the insight from some of the MSNBC programming and the balance it brings to the overall selections.

However. what can we do besides spend more money and complain?

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking what the #$%! Maybe my tv is broken. Maybe the cable is out. Then to find out they took it off basic. This really ticks me off!

Anonymous said...

To be stuck with fox news should be a crime. CNN is too bland. Fortunately we have premium cable which includes MSNBC. There has to be something behind this.

Anonymous said...

The question is: Do cable viewers still pay for the signal,even though they can't access the station without a specific box? Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Yea MSNBC is better than Fox, but that's not saying much. FOX SUCKS! The problem is MSNBC would sometime go too far to the left for my taste. CNN is fine.