I Say, Enough!

"Would you attack Jay Bailey?" These were the words spoken to me by a gentleman, I'll call him Mr. Public to protect his identity. I was at a Downtown event for Van Turner when Mr. Public approached me. He was livid about the lies being spread about Van - that he was a union buster, or a puppet for white people (a common tactic used by blacks to attack blacks). He had a crumbled piece of paper in his hand. He presented it to me as if it was the Holy Grail. On the paper, numbered 1-10, were things he felt I could attack Bailey on. I won't bore you by going down the list but it was nothing more than remarks that were complete hearsay, slander, and out-and-out lies. He said he decided to support Van after listening to the false attacks made against him. "We got to stop them," Mr. Public said. He finished with, "I've read your blog and if they are going to spread lies so should we." I thanked him and tried to explain that if you lower yourself to those who would spread such vile you are no better than they are, and that I could never publish something like this in good conscious. He just turned and walked away. I can only hope he understood what I was saying.

After the event I showed the list to Van Turner. He looked at me and said, "You're not going to put that on your blog, are you?" I told him of course not and he said, "Good." To be honest the reason I showed the list to Van was to confirm what I already knew, and it was that he is an honorable man.

There are some in this City that only know how to destroy. In their words, in their actions they seek to tear apart. If we want our City to become a place where each of us can be proud then we must speak up and say, "Enough!"


vibinc said...

hear hear!

Anonymous said...

I say, Enough!

Anonymous said...

Reg you said it in one of your earlier post...'You can make profit in times of war.'

These low lifes will continue doing this as long as it works. Attack, and attack some more. Mr. Public was right fight fire with fire.

Anonymous said...

Don't fight fire with fire, just provide the facts about each candidates, the best choice for chair will be abundantly clear.

How can any candidate condone such despicable tactics that include blatant lies and personal slanderous attacks not only on the opposing candidate, but a known supporter?

Do you want a chairman who would stoop to such low behavior? I will support Van Turner for chair.

Anonymous said...

Hey 629 you said---Do you want a chairman who would stoop to such low behavior? I will support Van Turner for chair.

You are so right. Where is Jay Bailey? He should be denouncing all these lies. My mother told me "If you see a lot of flies around something, you don't need to know what that something is to know not to touch it." Bailey attracts a lot of those flies and I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole.

Anonymous said...


Van Turner is an attorney... a member of the Executive Committeee, the Bylaws Committee a candidate for Chairman of the Party and there is one quality he should possess... the GUTS to break a tie vote when it falls his duty as a CHAIRMAN.

Well, Van doesn't qualify! During the lead up the Ward Precinct meetings held March 7th, Van declined an opportunity to decide if the Bylaws Comiittee would recommend (or not) the passage of the ByLaw amendment to apportion the Executive Committee according to the principle of ONE MAN, ONE VOTE. VAN is the GUTLESS Chairman of the Bylaws Committee. The vote was tied, Van wouldn't vote and thus NO recommend was submitted to the Executive Committee at the March 5th EC meeting.

This says a lot about VAN's "character"... not having the guts to vote for it or vote against it!

I will vote AGAINST Van and FOR Jay!

Anonymous said...

(This says a lot about VAN's "character"... not having the guts to vote for it or vote against it!
I will vote AGAINST Van and FOR Jay!)

Character? Character???? Please, then you'd vote for Jay who was disbarred twice as a lawyer once for drug use and then violating lawyer/client privacy!!!! Please!

Reginald Milton said...

To Vibinc (Steve Ross)
Thank you. It's an honor to have you drop by my corner of the world. I've visited your site, very nice, Please email me smaadmin@bellsouth.net

To 6:05 P.M.
Fighting fire with fire only leaves everyone burnt.

To 6:29 A.M.
Thank you, could not have said it better myself.

To 7:47 A.M.
I too would like to hear Bailey speaking out against this trash talk.

To 10:46 A.M and 12:46 PM
I'll just let you two slug it out.

Anonymous said...

I support Van Turner because he really cares about the party.

Anonymous said...

It looks like everybody who comes here support Van and those who support Jay go to Thuds blog. Yea this is the right place to be.