Why I'm Endorsing Van Turner

There is nothing more personal than running for public office. You open yourself to the scrutiny, criticism, and judgment by others all in an effort to serve; there can be nothing more humbling. With this in mind let us praise Van Turner, Jay Bailey and all the other candidates that have and are seeking to lead the Shelby County Democratic Party during these most difficult times.

Having been a voter since age eighteen I have only missed pulling that lever once and that was due to my intense involvement as a campaign worker which caused me to miss the cut off time. Nothing is more cherished or approached more soberly than when performing my civic duty in selecting a person to represent my values and needs.

My commitment to the Party has, for some time, had me actively working to improve its operations, specifically in outreach. This afforded me the opportunity to work with many of the executive members, whom several I can now call my friend. It has troubles me to see the Party I care so much for, and the Party that holds the fate of the democratic future here in Tennessee struggling.

Why is this happening? This City has been stunted due to political bosses, political machines and an overwhelming number of citizens who lack even the basic understanding of government. This has created a cesspool of political corruption in the form of kick-backs, payoffs and nepotism. This has also created a mind-set that experience and sincere commitment to the public is not a prerequisite to ascending the political ladder. So it's not surprising that our own Party would find itself adrift.

The next chair will need to deal with a divided Party. A Party who's members are distrustful of each other. A Party without a direction. I've spent a great deal of time getting to know the two remaining candidates for SCDP Chair and I can honestly state that they both possess the drive and commitment that will be needed. But we need more. We need a leader that can bring people together under one tent. When I look at those supporting Van I see black and white, young and old. I hear people speaking about building bridges not burning them down. Now more than ever we need a leader that can help us mend our wounds and move our Party forward, united. In my opinion only one person can do this and it's Van Turner and that is why he has my support.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post Reginald. You are supporting the best candidate.

Let's also point out that Van is honest,very ethical, fair and does listen to all points of view. He is truly dedicated to serving the party in this unpaid position of chair for all the right reasons.

If you are a delegate to the convention, please vote for Van to lead us.

If you are not a delegate, encourage those who are to vote for Van.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good call...Bailey is a bum and a crook.

Reginald Milton said...

To 5:35 A.M.
First, what are you doing up that early reading, of all things, my blog! But seriously I agree with all you have said. I am very impressed with Van. He exemplifies the very best. If elected he will make an outstanding chair.

To 7:17 A.M.
Rush Limbaugh may think he has the Ditto-heads, but we have the real ones! Thanks for commenting.

To 7:32 A.M.
I didn't delete your comment because I wanted to use it to make a point. Normally such a rude remark would never see the light of day on my blog.

Listen, I'm not saying you can not come here and criticize anyone, including me. What I am saying is that I allow anonymous commenting so my guest can feel free to express themselves without the fear of judgment, but this does not give you the right to make baseless attacks and then fade back into the shadows. If you want to criticize someone follow it with facts and you’ll have no problem with me.

I don't know what transpired between you and Mr. Bailey, but based on your childish act I am more inclined to believe you to be the crook and bum than him. In fact, I have had several encounters with this gentleman and he has always been polite and cordial.

Anonymous said...

We're going to need to work together if we going to help people. All this back stabbing is stupid. You get hated on just because you disagree with somebody. People need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Milton this is Ms. Carter

You saw how Bailey and his people kept Van Turner from speaking at the Ward and Precinct Caucus at Airways Middle School last Saturday. Now Van is the Parliamentarian and they knew he had a right to speak. This is the petty stuff that is tearing the party apart. All those people are petty and I don't mind saying it and don't mind them knowing its me. Baily and his people would divide the party. You right about voting for Van because we would go no where with Bailey.

Anonymous said...

This probable not the place to asked this but is your "button up" going to be something you do all the time. They're funny.

Reginald Milton said...

To 10:17 A.M.
From your lips to God's ear.

To Ms. Carter
It is always good to hear from you. I didn't understand why Bailey's team would fight something like that. It really served no one.

To 3:16 P.M.
Well since I don't allow comments in the "Button Up!" post you had no choice but to post some place else so this is as good a spot as any.

Yes "Button Up!" is my creation, and thank you for your support. I plan to release a new one every week.

Anonymous said...

It's simple--Baily and his bunch will divide the party and Van will bring more people together.

Anonymous said...

You took a great photo of Van. Hoping he will be the next chair.

Anonymous said...

Just got thru looking at Thuds blog. You two are like night and day. Thud attacks people, lies and when you read your blog you can see you work hard to be fair and respect people. You got my promise to keep coming here and commenting everyday.

Anonymous said...

Yea Matthews is started to spread his lies. Using the old guilt by association. This is his favorite tactic. Good thing is the vast majority of Memphis don't listen to his crap. Most of the people that post on his blog are attacking him ;)

Anonymous said...

Somebody give me a barf bag. Now they are trying to paint Van Turner as a Union Buster. Lies, lies, lies that's all the Bailey Team can come up with?

Anonymous said...

Some people just can't run a clean campaign that sells the merits of the candidate and all the reasons to vote for that candidate.

Those who have to resort to outright lies and slander are exhibiting low morals and no ethics. That is not what the party needs.

Choose the one who is credible, who has earned the respect of a broad cross section of people. Choose the one who is a true leader. Choose the one who surrounds himself with credible, respected people. Choose the one who believes in inclusiveness, the one who wants to bring the party to a level of relevance not seen in recent times.

Reginald Milton said...

To 7:16 A.M.
Politics is one of the hardest things I have ever been involved in. Everything is based on "a certain point of view." Each person, group, or party think their way is the best way. You get pulled in and if you are not careful you can lose yourself. I sincerely believe Bailey and Van feel they are doing what's best. It's up to us to decide who is right.

To 6:13 A.M.

To 7:07 A.M. and 1:49 P.M.
When I was running for City Council, unbenounced to me, a Political Action Committee (PAC) was looking at all the candidates running for each of the Council seats. They created a litmus test to decide who they felt were the best candidates. Of course EVERY PAC does this. They wanted people who had community experience, non-polarizing, had a career, and seemed truly honest and caring. I and several other progressive people made their list. Now at that time the PAC had not made contact with me. The list the PAC created somehow made its way to Thaddeus Matthews. He put the list on his blog and decided to build a story around it. He said these candidates on the list must have sold their souls to these "white people." Even after a friend of Mr. Matthews contacted him and told him it was not true, Thaddeus stayed with the lie because it made for a juice story.

At that time I had only recently met Mr. Matthews. At first I was impressed with him. I thought here was a man out there fighting for the little guy. I even asked him to let me post of his blog. After that false attack I have to admit it did disappoint me. He works hard at his blog and he has a talent, I just wish he would use it more wisely.

To 10:12 A.M.
Sorry I'm all out of barf bags; used mine up a long time ago.

To 5:23 P.M.
Some times a comment can be expressed so well there is no need to say anything else. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Reginald don't ever get into politics you are just too nice. You keep trying to find the good in people. Thud is a sociopath. There is no good in him. This man is evil and would turn on his own mother! Even after this guy lied on you you still find something nice to say about him. WTF!!!!