The Unpaid Laborer

The other day while getting some gas I went into the store to buy a soda. On the door of the coolers was a sign that said, "When you remove a can from the cooler please replace it with one off the shelf." And right beside the coolers were stacks of can sodas ready for us the customer to restock. We see it with self serve gas stations, and automated tellers, and grocery stores having us do our own packing.

Not only are we seeing businesses shipped out of the country, those that are remaining are demanding we the customers become the unpaid labor. While shopping you are seeing fewer and fewer employees to help. They are being replaced with "Helpful Signs." In other words figure it out yourself.

I can only guess the number of hours I have spent over the years on the phone trying to reach a human being. PLEASE PUSH 1 IF YOU ARE A CUSTOMER OR 2 IF... Now I would not complain as much if I felt the money these companies were saving was being passed down to me, but there must be a blockage in the trickle-down ideal because I'm not seeing it.

So the next time you are prompted by a store to pitch in ask them how much are you being paid?


Anonymous said...

You forgot the oldest unpaid laborer "homemakers" just because they give us a nicer name it still free labor.

Anonymous said...

We are loosing the America I grew up in. Our quality of life is declining and it doesn't look like it can be stopped. So Obama or McCain it won't make a difference.