Congratulations Congressman Cohen

With what can only be called a landslide victory, the 9th District returned Steve Cohen to Congress.

After all the drama it is my sincere belief that the voters made the very best choice. Congressman Cohen has and will represent the interest of his constituents.

This race was a litmus test for this community, a turning point. Residents rejected the old tactics of race bating and dirty politics. We have sent a message throughout this nation that it truly is about ones character and not the color of their skin.

Today I am very proud to be a resident of the 9th District.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Congressman Cohen.

Anonymous said...

Tinker never had a chance. I got nothing against her but she didn't know what she was doing. At lest Mr. Milton you were a good friend and not like them fairweather friends. You stook by her like a friend but voted for the person you knew was best for Memphis. You a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tinker had my support too. I voted for her before those ads started. I'd do it different if I could. Glad Cohen won.

msjournalist said...

I don't know what happened to Nikki this time around. I don't think she was working with the same team that she had in 2006. I know Nikki personally and she is a good person. But, Memphis is like no other city I know. Memphis folks believe in a person "paying their dues" Perhaps Nikki should have ran for City Council, State Representative and then US Congress - in that order and citizens would then feel that she "paid her dues". I am still not a Cohen supporter.

TFL said...

Funny!!! I love seeing her crash and burn. Now Ms. Tinker you can take your sorry so and so and get the heck out of Memphis!

Good By!

Reginald Milton said...

To 6:51 A.M.
Thank you for understanding my dilemma and let me state that Nikki Tinker is still my friend. I haven't spoken to her so I don't know how she feels toward me.

To 7:36 A.M.
Well at least you voted. Only 10 percent of the 9th District eligible voters decided to be heard.

To Msjournalist
I appreciate your well thought out comments.

I see it a little different. Paying your dues is important but I feel the citizens of the 9th District are more about loyalty. Remember Harold Ford, Jr. had no real experience. He won that office because the voters were loyal to his father. They appreciated the work he had done and wanted to express that feeling by supporting his son. Also, Junior was a well spoken, charismatic young man.

Another important factor is if they can call you a Memphian. Nikki six years in Memphis may not have been enough to earn her the title of Memphian.

Another quality of the 9th District is that they are very forgiving. If I was Nikki I would take whatever dollars I had left and do a commercial or send out fliers congratulating Steve Cohen and apologizing for some of the "slip ups" doing the campaign. I would then find some community mission and start helping out.

I do not share your glee. I will never understand how some people can find pleasure in the misfortune of others. Nikki Tinker is an asset to this City and God knows we need as many intelligent, hard working citizens in Memphis as possible.

Anonymous said...

Count me with the people that didn't vote. Haven't voted in years. Cohen or Tinker it makes no difference once they get in office they forget all about the community and start thinking about the next office they want. Look at Harold Jr. With all the problem in Memphis you would think he would be here to help. We was used.

Anonymous said...

You convinced me Milton. I did not like Cohen but if what you say about him is true I'll give him a chance.

CSPAN said...

Tinker had several flaws in her campaign. Here are the ones I saw.

1. For this being her second run for Congress she still had not developed a good platform. The granny on the porch had grown old.

2. She could not point to strong community involvement. She was a corporate lawyer, period.

3. She kept connecting herself with Ford Jr. but he never gave any indication that he supported her.

4. She was clearly unprepared to debate Cohen.

Anonymous said...

So what happens to Ms. Tinker? It would seem she has messed her self up pretty bad. To me she will never have a political career here in Memphis.

Anonymous said...

Nikki could ask for a transfer to another corporate location and get involved in the community. She should not run for any elected position again anywhere ever.

As with any campaign, the candidate is fully responsible and accountable for the entire campaign.

She is still in denial of any wrong doing. She owes an apology to all the people in Shelby County,to the the Democratic party and she owes an apology to Congressman Cohen.

People like Nikki do everything to divide the various races and cultures in America and nothing to unite us.

Anonymous said...

Reginald it's clear you stay on top of these issues, how is beyond me with all that you do. Congrats on the laundromat! It seems you let your nice nature over rule you for too long when it came to Miss Tinker. It was clear from the start she was not qualified for this position. Now I have some disagreements with Mr. Cohen, but he leaves Miss Tinker in the dust.

I'm not shocked that you came around. That's what I like about you. What's best for the community is always your first thought.

You're a great human being. Keep up the good work.

Reginald Milton said...

To 9:48 A.M.

You make some very interesting points. I appreciate the thought behind them. You truly bring value to this blog.

As far as Tinker's political career being over, well you never know. Clearly it has been damaged. I hope she doesn't continue down the path of stating, "... the information of Steve Cohen was factual." This will get her no where. Why is it that politicians have so much trouble saying those simple words, "I was wrong." Until she does this the mistakes of her campaign will hang over her like a dark cloud.

Brian said...

Reg, I am sorry I have not visited your blog more often. Your clairty of thought is refreshing and helps me to better understand different issues. In the end, we must all work together to build a better community. Regardless of your love or disdain for Rep. Cohen, his win is a clear example that Mempis can come together. We should continue to work together to build a better Memphis. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Nikki and it breaks my heart to see this happen to her. Why didn't you say something to her Mr. Milton? She might have listened and not did those commercials. This poor girl must be suffering now. Have you spoken to her? I pray she will be all right.

Reginald Milton said...

To Brian
Thanks for coming by. I truly appreciate your kind words. You're a good friend.

To 5:19 P.M.
I was never part of Nikki's inner-circle. Like you I knew nothing about the commercials until they were released.

No I have not spoken to Nikki. I do wish her well though.