To Billboard or Not to Billboard

I have been appointed by the City Council to sit on a committee that will review the guidelines that govern the use of billboard lining our highways.

We are looking at digital billboards - the ones that look like a TV screen; tri-vision billboard - these flip displaying three different ads one at a time, and poster board - which use paper and paste.

What do you think about billboards? Do you like them? Do you hate them? Are there changes you would like to see in how billboards are displayed?

Let me know and I will let the City Council know what you think. You can count on that.


Anonymous said...

I was in Hawaii and they don't allow billboards. It looks beautiful there. We should do the same.

Anonymous said...

Tear them down and burn them. I hate these ugly things. They litter our city. If the city council wasn't in the billboard owners pocket (can you say Rickey Peete?) we would'nt have these things all over our city. Tear them DOWN!!!

Anonymous said...

it don't bother me to much on the expressway but they got to many in the city and a lot in poor areas.

Memphis Real Estate Broker-Joe Spake said...

I think the digital and tri-vision billboards are very distracting to drivers. Many of the existing ones are too complex and have too much information or the printing is too small for the medium, requiring even longer glances away from the serious business of driving. I realize the billboard lobby is very strong here. I know you will take them on for the benefit of all of us, Reginald.

Anonymous said...

The city and county should outlaw all billboards. They are ugly! They cause driver distraction. They ruin the look of residential and commercial areas.

It seems that if the city and county were truly interested in reviving neighborhoods,they/we should place a total ban on them.

Those few who make money on those billboards will protest loudly. The council will bow to the demands of the few wealthy owners and ignore what is best short and long term for improving Memphis and making it a more attractive place to live, work and play.

Good luck on this project, Memphis definitely needs an "extreme make-over"

Anonymous said...

My vote. No more billboards.

Reginald Milton said...

To Joe Spake
I agree they can be distracting. To be honest I'm not a billboard hater. In my race for City Council I used a bunch of them. In urban areas it is one the few ways to get information to a large, targeted audience quickly. But too much of anything can be bad. If I could wave a wand we wouldn't have billboard or cell towers or utility poles, but we live in a time where these technologies serve a purpose.

I promise Joe and the rest of you that I will try to limit their impact. I also like your point Joe on billboards' print being too small and causing longer glances. I will propose a font size limit. Thanks for the suggestion!