A Political Picnic

I attended Sidney Chism's 8th Annual Picnic. This event has clearly become one of the main political get-togethers. Both Mayor Herenton and Mayor Wharton were present, nearly every candidate for every political seat was there and hundreds and hundreds of citizens came to learn about the candidates, have fun and eat plenty of food. I don't think anyone was disappointed.

Everyone was polite, but you could see opponents giving each other ice cold stares and you could hear the whispering of political gossip. Yes it was an event not to be missed.

Though people were playing nice you could feel the electricity when Steve Cohen and Nikki Tinker came to the mic to speak. Steve focused on his number of well known supporters and Nikki discussed her struggles while growing up. Both did very well, but I could feel Nikki's speech connected more with the audience.

I love events like this, I wish we had more. Any opportunity that allows the voting public a chance to see, touch and connect to the people that want to represent them is a good thing. Much praise goes out to Commissioner Chism, Gale Jones Carson and Teamsters leader Nate Jackson for hosting this wonderful event.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Reg. I hope they all did play nice.

Anonymous said...

Took my family. It was fine but you couldn't hear the politicians speaking. They need to work on the speakers. We had a good time. Nikki did give a good speech.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and it was a fun event. Only one Independent candidate misbehaved badly,everyone else managed to remember their manners. Seems like there was more for the kids to do this year and they were having so much fun.

I'd rather hear candidates talking about relevant issues rather than their childhood experiences.I vote for people based on their strengths as candidates and their stand on issues important to the majority of voters.

Anonymous said...

It seemed to me that it was too much of a picnic and not enough politics. They should call people to an area and THEN have the politicians speak. How Chism had it was that everybody was all over the place and the politicians just went up to a microphone and spoke. Another suggestion would be for them to have up front a donation box. This must have cost a lot of money so everybody should pitch in a little.

Anonymous said...


You really have a nice blog. The pictures are really good, but you need to take that bankrupt Del Gill's picture out. This guy is part of the Memphis Democrat Club MDC. All they do is take money from people and put out lying ballots.

Anonymous said...

Most of the items for the picnic are donated.

The idea of calling everyone to one area to hear the speeches is a good one. I missed most of the speeches because there was no audible announcement to alert us.

All in all, it was a good event and a wonderful public service. Thank you Sidney!

Reginald Milton said...

Thanks to everyone who complemented me on the pictures. In my next life I want to come back as a professional photographer.

10:32 A.M. Both Cohen and Tinker spoke on their strengths. I doubt either would expect you to vote
based on a single speech. Thank you for your comment.

12:09 P.M. Good point it might be better to round everyone up to hear the candidates.

12:27 P.M. I have spoken on how I disagreed with how MDC used their ballot. But I also said they are a new group and missteps can happen. I have never been a big fan of ballots but say what you want, in Memphis, they have an impact.

Personally I feel the Shelby County Democratic Party should step in and set standards on how “democratic clubs” use and distribute ballots.

Yes, Del is a character, but I have seen few people who work as hard as he does to push his views. You have to give him that.

7:36 A.M. I agree it was very good. Sidney and his team deserve to be praised.

Anonymous said...

Del Gill is noting but a trouble maker. He knows no one wants him at the SCDP meetings but he comes and disrupts EVERY meeting. You are being too kind to him Milton. This guy is nothing but trouble.

Tarrin said...

I hate that I missed this event. I was looking forward to attending, however I was out on vacation.