Race & Media

Race & Media
Second Forum in New Path/Memphis Urban League Panel Series

Memphis, TN—On Tuesday March 11, 2008, New Path and the Memphis Urban League will host the second forum in their 2008 Race Relations in Memphis panel series. Race & Media will focus on issues related to race relations in local print, television, and radio media. To date, confirmed panelists include Chris Peck, Editor, Commercial Appeal; Bruce VanWyngarden, Memphis Flyer Editor; Karanja Ajanaku, Executive Editor, Tri-State Defender; Emily Greene, Producer, WMC Channel 5, and Leon Gray, radio talk-show host . Richard Thompson, Mediaverse founder/main author, will moderate the discussion.

This event will take place at the Ben Hooks Central Library (3030 Poplar Ave) and will be held from 5:30-7:30pm in Meeting Room A. New Path and the Memphis Urban League’s goal for this forum is to take a closer look at how local media outlets may play a direct role in determining race relations in Memphis, and to analyze if race in media factors in to equal/fair coverage, representation, and the perpetuation of stereotypes for different citizens. Through facilitated discussion, panelists and attendants will begin to discuss how the community might address these issues and move forward. With the entire series, both organizations believe that each forum will initiate dialogue that will carry over to the larger Memphis community and begin to foster improved race relations in our city.

The first forum in the panel series, Race Relations in Memphis Politics (1-12-08) was a huge success with standing-room only attendance, illustrating to New Path and the Memphis Urban League the definite interest of local residents to address apparent issues in race relations in the political environment. Race & Media is the second in a series that the organizations intend to run throughout the year.

New Path is a local non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) that actively participates in the engagement of citizens in public policy, and encourages activism in politics. Additionally, New Path provides services in campaign coordination and management to selected candidates seeking public office. The 2008 Race Relations in Memphis panel series follows their 2nd annual Who Wants To be a Candidate? panel series hosted in 2007. All forums contribute to New Path’s attempt to develop a more engaged and informed citizenry.

For more information, please contact New Path Program Director, Tarrin McGhee at
(901) 517-2870 or email tarrin@newpathmemphis.org