District 7 Makes Right Choice


Lee Harris, moments after learning of his victory, with his wife Alena, and daughter Claudia

In what can only be called a landslide Lee Harris defeated his opponent by more than 2:1. Mr. Harris exemplifies the quality of leadership Memphis needs to move forward. This will be important because District 7 not only takes in areas of Downtown and Mud Island it also covers some of the more challenged communities in North Memphis.

As a lifelong community organizer it is my hope, that Councilman-Elect Harris will divide his time equally throughout all of District 7; with what I have seen this will not be a problem for this determined young man.

The only negative was the less than one-percent turnout for this important race. Many voters have tuned out and turned off when it comes to politics. These are the people Mr. Harris must reach out to, "The 99%" who feel they have no voice.

There are many times I'm disappointed in things that happen in this City, but tonight Memphis could do no wrong!


Anonymous said...

Bwahaha Ms. Ford, talent beats out a good pair of legs any day.

Anonymous said...

Kemba Ford said "This is my first race, and it will not be my last. I will be very active in the community.'"

The key words were "will be". She has never been active in the community but felt she has some right to one of the highest positions in the city of Memphis. What gall! She ran on her family name, period. If she really cared about this city she would have been in these neighborhoods helping in the first place.

We don't need you to look out for us Miss Ford we need you to get those well manicured nails dirty by working in the community. Then "maybe" you will deserve to run for such a important position.

That's my opinion.

Anonymous said...

You said...
"The 99%" who feel they have no voice.
They have no voice because they are too lazy to get off their butts and learn about the candidates and go vote. Don't make excuses for people who prefer to complain and do nothing.