City's New Website

Last week, Mayor Wharton executed a contract with Linx Consulting to develop and de sign a new website for the City of Memphis. Our current website (which can be accessed at ) is clearly outdated in terms of what the public should rightfully expect from a modern, functional, attractive online resource.

Linx Consulting is a local, minority-owned consulting firm that provides technology strategic consulting for non-profits, small- and medium-size businesses, and education institutions. It s partners on the city website project include Launch Memphis, Smart City Consulting, Simple Focus, and MediaCurrent.

But the person they need the most is you .

The first public input session for the new website will be Saturday, October 22 when we hold our city's first "GovCamp" at BRIDGES. Governments across the country have been making data sets open and available to all citizens, and we'd like to bring that trend to Memphis. So what does that mean to you? What are some cool things the City of Memphis and its citizens can do with all this information? Finding those answers is the point of GovCamp. City officials will present data that could be made available. Then, citizens will have their chance to apply that data in open and innovative ways.

GovCamp is presented as part of " WIRED CITIZEN: Using Technology to Connect Cities and Communities," a day-long conference sponsored by Liveable Memphis at BRIDGES, 477 North Fifth Street in downtown Memphis. Please click here for more information .

We look forward to your input as we build our new website and hope to see you on Saturday!

Kerry J. Hayes
Special Assistant to the Mayor | 901 576 6017