Council to Appoint Interim Council Member

Memphis City Council to Appoint Interim Council Member
to Represent Council District 7

The Memphis City Council will select a new member to fill the vacant District 7 position on Friday, July 22nd at 8:00 a.m. There are fourteen individuals vying for the position. The process will begin with each candidate giving a brief introduction and reason for wanting the seat. The Council will then hold a round where each member will have an opportunity to nominate his or her choice to fill the seat. The second round will commence with members voting on nominees submitted during the first round. With each successive round of voting, the person who voted first in the previous round will vote last. Beginning with the second round of voting, a nominee receiving less than two votes will be dropped from the list of nominees. After three rounds of voting, the Chairman may accept a motion to consider the top two vote-getters. The Chairman will have the discretion to establish time limits for voting.

When a new member is selected, the swearing in ceremony will occur immediately following the Council meeting.

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