Help Flood Victims

Helping Flood Victims in Need
Hope Presbyterian Church will serve as a donation and distribution hub collecting donations to supply the shelters. Donations are accepted daily 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. If you have any questions, please call (901) 654-2150.
All donated items must be NEW and in ORIGINAL packaging. At the request of the shelters, please only bring items from the list below:

* CLEAN towels and washcloths (new preferred)
* Batteries for toys, baby swings, etc.) sizes: C,D, AA, AAA BIG NEED
* Ear Plugs BIG NEED
* New socks for kids and adults BIG NEED
* Flip Flops (for the showers) BIG NEED
* Shaving cream/gel BIG NEED
* Wal-Mart or Target gift cards BIG NEED
* Deodorant Men's/Women's BIG NEED
* Shampoo/conditioner (unopened hotel bottles
work great)BIG NEED
* Hair Brushes
* Combs (Wide & Regular Tooth)
* Pony tail holders/Hair clips
* Body lotion
* Hand Sanitizer
* Gatorade
* Toothbrushes (individually packaged)
* Toothpaste
* Training/Toddler Toothpaste BIG NEED
* Children's toothbrushes BIG NEED
* General first-aid (band-aids, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, TUMS, rubbing alcohol) BIG NEED FOR RUBBING ALCOHOL & PEROXIDE
* Lip Balm BIG NEED
* Diapers & Pull-Ups (all sizes) 0-3, 6, 2t, 3t, 4t, 5t
* Baby/Child Medicine BIG NEED
* Teething Medicine BIG NEED
* Diaper Rash Cream BIG NEED
* Travel size baby lotion & wash BIG NEED
* Baby blankets
* Baby food
* Baby Oil BIG NEED
* Baby spoons
* Baby bottles
* Baby pacifiers
* Baby Shampoo/Lotion/Wash
* Baby bottle brushes
* Baby formula (No generics please: Carnation or Gerber "Good Start Gentle Plus")
* Pedialyte
* Vaseline (generic welcome) BIG NEED
* Sanitary Pads/Tampons
* Depends (NOT Adult Diapers) BIG NEED

• Volunteers are needed to work at shelters
• Call the Flood Watch Hotline (901) 324-8799. Text requests to: (901) 290-7530 or send messages by email to: