Civility? Yea, Right!

The other day it was stated that our Congressman Steve Cohen compared Republicans, who lie about health care, to Nazis. Now the Congressman is being attacked for breaking the "Peace Agreement" between the Parties. First off when you have a political party where its neo-conservatives are considered moderates you can forget about civility. Secondly, I carefully listened to Cohen's speech and that was not what he was saying. What he was speaking about was the power of propaganda and fear mongering, which is exactly what the Republicans have been doing.

The shooting in Arizona may or may not have been motivated by right-wing hate speech, but it would be difficult to argue that xenophobic rhetoric denouncing our President as a non-American, placing targets over elected officials pictures, and using comments like, "Taking Back Our Country" does create an atmosphere where the weak minded could be lead to violent acts.

One news station stated that the two Parties should be more civil and that those that are right would prevail. The problem with this is that the last election showed that right doesn’t always win. If anything the last election showed that if you have nothing to offer simply attack your opponent with lies and you will win. Republicans were and are more than prepared to do everything in their power to prevent President Obama from successfully improving the state of this nation.
Nazis? Maybe not, but “Peace in our time.” Don’t you believe it.

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