Steve Cohen's JFK Moment

Fifty years ago today I took a photo of Senator John F. Kennedy visiting Memphis. Vice President Richard Nixon was also in Memphis that day -- the only time both men were in the same location at the same time during the 1960 Presidential campaign.

In the photo -- which hangs in my Congressional office in Washington -- you see JFK seated on a moving car smiling and waiving at the crowd. In the background is the historic Union Avenue Methodist Church located on the corner of Union Avenue and Cooper Street, which has been the subject of a heritage/zoning issue. Then Governor Buford Ellington is seated in the car with JFK.

I was 11 years old when I took this photo and it has served as an inspiration to me over the years. It is vital that young people are inspired to dream and to achieve and that is why I have invited President Obama to visit us in Memphis next year. A Presidential visit would be a great inspiration to Memphis’ children and working families.

As always, I remain,

Most sincerely,

Steve Cohen
Member of Congress