The other night I attended the Germantown Performing Arts Theater to listen to Joan Baez, the folks singer of the 60's, perform.

Her performance was excellent. Her singing was strong and moving. Joan was part of the 1960's Civil Rights movement. She marched with Dr. King and protested side-by-side with migrant farm laborers.

The theater was packed. After three encores we finished with the entire audience singing Amazing Grace. Fortunately my tin ear for singing was masked by everyone else.

What I found interesting is throughout the concert Joan alluded to her liberal stance on issues from immigration to war; the audience looked upper income, in their late 50's or older applauded in agreement.

At the end of the performance as I walked to my car I noticed quite a few bumper stickers with McCain/Palin and even a few Tea Party references. So who are these people? Are that failed hippies or just wannabes?

Have the idealist of the 60's really become the Party of "No"? This reminds me of a conversation I had two months ago. I was contacted by a gentleman I've known for several years. We both sat on the same nonprofit board. He is a white male in his 60's. He is a hardline conservative and proud of it. Well he came by my office and wanted to talk about the upcoming election. He seemed worried. The conversation went something like this...

"Mr. Doe": Reginald I want you to consider voting for Charlotte Bergmann for the 9th District race.

Me: Isn't she a Republican?

"Mr. Doe": Yea, but we can't let Steve Cohen back in office.

Me: You do know I'm a Democrat?

"Mr. Doe":
Yea I know.

You do know I'm an officer of the Shelby County Democratic Party?

"Mr. Doe": Yea I know.

Me: You do know I'm a liberal?

"Mr. Doe": Yea I know, but blacks are going to have to stand up an Charlotte is "black" and she's "articulate."

Me: Articulate black, well that's nice. (He didn't catch the sarcasm.)

"Mr. Doe": All we need is a few blacks to come over to the Republican Party. (Note: He said, "...only a few." I guess a little color is fine but let's not over do it.)

Me: I'm sorry I can't help you. I'm a Democrat.

"Mr. Doe": So was I, right up to the 50's. (Yea, until that Civil Rights stuff started.) I changed because the Democrats wheren't representing me anymore.

Me: Well, I'm sorry but I think I'll stay with my Party.

It seems some people only hear the music and not the words.


Anonymous said...

When you are young you can hope for a better world as you get older you focus on surviving. Democrats are dreamer and Republicans are realist.

Anonymous said...

just like "white democrats". They talk about commitment to the party until they have to vote for black people.