A Good Leader

SCDP Chairman Van Tuner

I felt this comment called for its own post.

12:07 P.M. in “What Happened?” said...
..."Chairman Turner has not controlled the Party and had no real knowledge of what a consolidated campaign was like. The co-chairs were amatuerish and relied on an ineffective "ballot" and attending meaningless events."

I do not agree with your assessment of Chairman Turner’s effort or skills. Van reminds me of President Obama. They both stepped into a difficult situation and instead of pointing a finger they put out a hand welcoming any and all who wanted to work together and get the job done. The fact is that there are some who don’t want to work together; they are bitter, divisive and ineffective.

Lexie Carter said it so well this morning on "Eyes on Memphis" when she alluded to the fact that it is time the Party aired it's dirty laundry and start addressing the problem. That problem, in my view, is dead weight in the Party. I stepped down as SCDP Secretary, as I stated, to deal with some family issues and my campaign, but I also became tired of what I saw. Sitting elevated, up front, and facing the members gave me a unique view. What I saw at every meeting were faces of people who were constantly angry, and bitter. I just got sick of it.

As a Community Organizer I spend my life trying to make the lives of others better. By doing so I find inner peace and joy. I can’t imagine spending my time backstabbing and spewing venom. There are some who can’t wait to tear into their fellow human being. Who would never let an opportunity to belittle someone pass him or her by. It has nothing to do with saving the Party or helping the average citizen improve their lives, it’s about self. To these people if you don’t want to help, if you aren’t happy with the leadership that has been working so hard to move us forward why don’t you just leave?

Van made countless calls for help from the members, only a few came forward. If you were one of the few thank you. If you did not step forward I’m forced to ask why? Why join a political party and not productively participate? Now I know that some members were busy actively working for a particular candidate. That I understand but still some time could have been found to lend a hand. No one person can save this Party. If it was not for Van I fear our situation would be far worse.

I am proud to be a Democrat and I am proud of our Chairman Van Turner.

That’s my view, what’s yours.


Anonymous said...

Your comparison is not accurate. President Obama came into a difficult situation and has responded with lots of great legislation and has appointed great people to work to correct the problems that the prior 8 years neglected. History (and hopefully the electorate) will look favorably on his Administration.

Van admitted that he was not delegating enough earlier this year. He has not gotten the DEC and other Democrats involved, to be a true leader. Few of the committees have been meeting as in the past. He has also not worked to quell the divisive issues and have the Party work as one. All that should have been done in preparation for the campaigns. As a result, there is resentment brewing among many members.

He has worked tirelessly during the campaign, calling people, sending out emails, but that should have been done by others, not Van.

I hope he can realize his faults and try to improve for the rest of his time as Chair.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like van who do you think should be chair. This will be good.

autoegocrat said...

Personally, I think Randy Wade should be chair, but I thought that long before this election and long before Van Turner became chairman. I've got no major complaints with Van Turner so far, though.

sbanbury said...

Reginald, you are an awesome Community Organizer--keep it up.

Anonymous said...


Yea Randy is a good guy, but even he said at the meeting at the IBEW that Van was the best person to be chair.

Reginald Milton said...

Scott (A.K.A. sbanbury)

Thank you. There is nothing like finding your vocation in life.

I enjoy everyday, even the challenging days. That is why it confuses me when I see people who spend their life backstabbing others.

What a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Van has done a remarkable job. Many of these people are just jealous of that young man. Get over it, it is time you include young people in the process. Too much delegating have been given to outsiders who think they are the experts. They are only the rejects who could not perform simply duties and did not get the job done. My 6-year old child could have put a ballot together much better and mailed it in a timely manner. Darn,some of us received the ballot a week after the election.

Anonymous said...

Right on the money Reginald.

Those who are fighting Van are the same individuals that will not participate in any activity he puts together.

They won't leave because they have nothing else. If you want to know the truth some of these people need to be on medication.

Anonymous said...

I think Van Turner is a great young man. I see him as becoming more and more of a Memphis VIP.
He tries so hard to make all feel welcome. As a member of the Exc committee of the SCDP, I sit up front and try not to be involved in the party quarrels. Let's move forward and not sink ourselves.
P Spence, RN

Anonymous said...

The majority of EC members support Van Turner. It a small segment of those people who are not satisfied with their own lives and they keep up crap. Stay focus don't let any of these sectarians who need a parley with their own minds bring shame to the (DEC (not clever enough)).

When Van became Chairman of the EC the situation was very much like that of Obama. Pastor Norman rarely graced the party with his presence. Let not twist the facts with one person’s bane elusive mind. This harpy mind may be on an intransigent journey to the unknown.

Don't let this divertissement make you forget what has happen and what will continue to happen with our elections.

We support you Van!!!!

Anonymous said...

Van Turner is without question the very best thing to happen to the Shelby County Democratic Party. When THE DISCONTENTS attempted that failed mid-term coup d'etat they didn't win a single seat. REASON - The members didn't want any part of it. They support Van and the Steering Committee. Like you said if they aren't happy leave and let those who want change make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Leave and stupidity shall follow you. STOP trying to prostitute this party to make a profit, you know who you are. Consequently, you can see who the benefactors are; this is reflected in the treasurer reports. FOLLOW THE MONEY and YOU WILL FIND THE HELLRAISERS. I will reiterate FOLLOW THE MONEY. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!!!