Airing Dirty Laundry

About the Show
The latest installment of the hit POLICE WOMEN franchise moves to Memphis to follow four female officers with the Memphis Police Department (MPD). These brave women will juggle intense cop drama and action, all while balancing kids, husbands and life at home.

With a population of over 1 million, Memphis is consistently ranked amongst the most dangerous cities in the United States. the officers of the MPD must be highly skilled and ready for anything.

This is what you will find on TLC website about Memphis and their new show, Police Women of Memphis.

What confuses me is why would city officials give a green light to allow this show to present us in such a negative way? This reminds me of a comment one of my friends from Scottsdale Arizona said about why he would never live in Memphis. His reasoning was that he watched the show 48 Hours and saw the crime in Memphis and concluded we were a crime-ridden cesspool. He saw only the negative of our great city without the benefit of experiencing all the wonderful things that happen everyday; the things that make me proud to be a Memphian.

Many of these shows are more than willing to show Memphis as backwards and dangerous if it improves their ratings. What's worse, we are willing to help.

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they were poor black trash.