Man Versus Myth

It's January 20, 2009 and I'm standing in the bitter cold in front of the United States Capital Building watching the 44th President be sworn into office. If I had the opportunity to say one thing to our new President it would be, "Enjoy THIS DAY, because the rest will be hell."

Faced with two endless wars, a health care bill that's sicker than those it is suppose to help and plummeting poll numbers what is the President to do? Barack Obama rode into office with the mantra CHANGE on his lips. One year later much of that change is stuck in committee meetings or lost deep within 2,000 page binders. Bureaucracy can suck!

There is no doubt in my mind that Obama truly envisioned breaking the gridlock and tearing down the walls that prevented effective governance, but there are forces that benefit from the chaos and confusion. Those who are most benefiting from this is the Republican Party. With no agenda, no leader and no answers they have truly become the party of NO.

It is important that the American public not be "confused" by all the rhetoric and understand what brought us to this point was a government that, under the Bush administration, was stripped of any real power to regulate businesses. The past administration allowed too much self regulation and for companies to become too big to fail. Not only too big to fail but so big that they are able to mute the public voice. America must take back their government and the best hope for this rest in the hands of the Obama administration.

Right now I'm partnering with the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center to air the movie Food, Inc. in several urban communities. The movie reveals how a few conglomerates have taken over our entire food industry and thanks to "real" government welfare have created an unregulated, and unhealthy system that is impacting the American diet.

We elected Obama with the hope that he could change Washington. The truth is in the end President Obama is but a man and if we really want change it will need to come from all of us. We must support this administration and not allow ourselves to be side-tracked by those who offer only retoric but no real answers.


Anonymous said...

I fully agree Reginald. Hardline progressives expected the President to come in and do their bidding. They must have thought he winked at them when he said he would govern from the middle.

At this point, he has stabilized financial markets (the first thing that FDR did in the '30's), slowed down the recession which was about to go out of control, developed an Iraq and Afghanistan policy that he promised, shown leadership on the environment, and is on the verge of a health care plan. The last may be a lot more modest than most of us want but he may do what Democratic Presidents starting with Harry Truman have tried and failed to do.

Republicans offer nothing but lies and distortions.

We need much more, especially after 8 years of stagnation under the previous administration but at least we are on the right track.

Anonymous said...

The people have little say it govenment. It's the lobbyist for the big companies. Steve Cohen was on tv and he was talking about how he protects FedEx from labor. He gave some crap about its protects the nation in case of a national emergency. If somebody as liberal as Cohen can be made to bend over then you know there is no hope.

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