Citizens have elected Myron Lowery 6 times to serve our city; 5 consecutive times as a member of the City Council, where he served as Chairman twice and once as a member of the Memphis Charter Commission where he also was selected as Chairman. All of his recommended charter changes were approved by voters last year. As Mayor Pro Tem, Myron has set a new standard of transparency in local government by releasing previously sealed records and his attempts to reduce the millions in legal fees Memphis pays annually. His efforts to fight crime, in addition to cleaning up our city, as well as introducing the National League of Cities Prescription Drug Card will save our citizens thousands of dollars while improving our quality of life. To learn more about what Myron has done visit or visit his web site

To obtain campaign literature or a sign, stop by our headquarters:
Myron For Mayor, 3254 Elvis Presley Blvd., Memphis, TN 38116
Call us at (901) 396-3222 or (901) 396-3020
Make an investment in good government by sending your contribution to:
The Lowery Campaign, P.O. Box 3560, Memphis, TN 38173

He's already doing what others are only promising to do!