Has The Right Gone Mad?

Recently while hobnobbing at a reception for a Democratic candidate I stopped and spoke with a gentleman. As our conversation progressed he began sharing with me the infighting he has had with his conservative family. The last Bush administration had convinced him that he was not a left leaning Republican but a right leaning Democrat.

"My family has gone crazy!" he expressed. "They have decided that Obama is the anti-Christ." Now mind you none of this comes as a surprise to me. If you read some of my previous post I spoke of the backlash that was coming from the Republicans who have never fooled me with their God, Country, and Family charade. In reality it's about their god, their country and their family and the heck with everyone else. We are now dealing with a party that has no leaders, no vision, and no ideas. So what is their answer? They attack.

President Obama is elected to office. - He's not a U.S. citizen!
President Obama wants to close Gitmo. - Terrorist will attack us!
President Obama rescues the banks. - We're a socialist country now!
President Obama confronts the health care crisis. - Their going to kill Grandma!
President Obama speaks to school children. - It's an attempt to brainwash our kids!

While in Nashville at the Democratic fundraiser there were anti-Obama protesters outside screaming, "Impeach Obama!" Not even a year in office and they are already pulling out the "I" word. It's laughable as I hear the Teabaggers demand less government. Where where they during the Reagan years and where were they during Bush, Jr. term in office when government spending shot up like a rocket and regulations on businesses were removed?

This has nothing to do with health care, or bailouts or even taxes. No, this is about derailing the Democrats effort to clean up the mess that eight years of Republican rule has caused.

Well they can snarl and foam at the mouth all they want, it won't make any difference. Change is here and it's here to stay.


Anonymous said...

Did you see how fox was trying to make it look like a million people was up there. That is only a small number of protesters. Those who support the President which is the majority are not going to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

Well, most will agree that those wiThout health care SHOULD be covered by CHARITY. But the obvious point is, that history has well proved that it ain't ever gonna happen. Hence the need for gov intervention.

Anonymous said...

So F**k the 47 million americans that don't have health insurance. The republicans don't give a damn about what happens to the poor. They fight to protect the unborn baby but once the baby is born its not their problem.

Those so call Democrats that are senators they better help the President with health care or they can kiss their jobs good bye.

Anonymous said...

Well said Reginald. The question will be whether the noise made by the Teabaggers will win out over the calm and logical voices.

I am not quite sure yet and fearful that the Teabaggers and the the liars that sponsor them like Dick Armey, Sarah Palin, and Newt Gingrich might win out.

Anonymous said...

Obama didn't make that mess. I'll give a year's salary if there was one anti-Bush sign held by those douchebaggers...I mean teabaggers. This is about bringing down Obama.

So you are pissed that this President is trying to help the least of us. Oh now it make sense. These people have that new kind of Jesus that only help the rich! They make me sick!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, Reginald.

Unfortunately, I think the reason for all the backlash and childish behavior over the President is the failure on the part of some to accept the fact that their candidate lost the election. Note I didn't say minority candidate, but I feel sure that's part of it.

It's for the same reason we have a split within the ranks of our own local democratic party. Those who "lost" the contest for party chair are now opposing the winner by standing aside from doing party business and refusing to help, hoping the "others" will fail. I can't name a single Bailey supporter who is helping with much of anything. Is this a coincidence?

Like Obama, I believe we should proceed without them, because what the party has to do is too important to be impeded by such tactics.

We also need to realize that all EC members were elected to do the work of the whole party, not divide it.

Let's get over it and move on!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58 said...
"I can't name a single Bailey supporter who is helping with much of anything. Is this a coincidence?"

How are we being asked to help? You had that AC fundraiser and didn't invite any of us! People can tell where they aren't wanted.

Anonymous said...


Shelby County Mayor AC Wharton held this fundraiser. It was HIS EVENT to raise money for the Shelby County Democratic Party. The location was LIMITED in size. He invited the SCDP STEERING COMMITTEE and HIS GUESTS.

God how many times do you have to hear this to get it!

Anonymous said...

You're right 6:58 a.m. the republicans are acting like children. The American people can see this and they only make themselves look like fools.

We disagree (somewhat) when it comes to those who oppose Van. The "opposition" group brought a lot of their friends on to the party. Many have no idea how to help. So they just sit there and many of the senior oppositionist never did anything for the Party anyway. So if it was their guy or Van they're not going to help. All they know how to do is complain and act-up.

Anonymous said...

Van won get over it.

Reginald Milton said...

To 8:03 A.M.
I only watch FOX when I need a laugh, mind you not a big laugh just a chuckle.

To 2:42 P.M. and 11:23 A.M.
You are both correct. Running a nonprofit I can tell you first hand we are not designed to be the health care center for America. As the economy turned south we saw donors unable to meet the level of support they have in the past. While at the same time the demand on our services has grown. Only a government run program could possible meet the level, oversight and consistent standards necessary to serve 47 million citizens.

To 2:19 P.M.
I have the same fear, but seeing the President taking the offensive gives me hope.

To 6:59 A.M.
The childish behavior of the Republicans only strengthen my pride in our Country for electing Obama over McCain.

To 2:19 P.M.

Anonymous said...

The real winner is Rep Joe Wilson who has raised over a million dollars since calling Obama a liar. All this yelling is a way for Republicans and their attack dogs to raise money from the gullible right.

Anonymous said...

Obama is nice!

BP said...

Obama makes me proud to be an American and for those who wish to destroy the good this man is trying to do God will see in your heart and you will be judged.

Anonymous said...

i agree Obama is so nice. He is smart. Can play basketball. I really really like him!