A Vision for SCDP

Clearly the last post shows there are a lot of strong feelings in regard to SCDP. From the comments it seems the vast majority want to see the Party succeed.

Being the SCDP Secretary gives me a unique vantage point. Sitting, elevated up front and facing the members I have the opportunity to view their expressions. I see a great deal of passion. With all this energy why is it so difficult for the party to move forward? What are the reasons for conflict? With the election of a new Chair do you feel the Party is on the right track? Do you agree with me when I say the Party has never been stonger?

Speak out. Express your frustrations. Explain what you feel will be needed to move the Shelby County Democratic Party forward.

Be nice, be fair and if you must attack, do so with facts.


Anonymous said...

The new chair and his officers are very capable people and are doing a great job. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated group. This is contrary to the opinions of those who don't back the current party leadership now and didn't during the convention in March.

There are very good intentions on the part of our new leadership to move the party forward. But,I don't think the party can move anywhere until there's more cohesiveness and less confrontation among the Executive Committee membership. Until this is solved, the party is going nowhere fast.

There seems to be a group within the party that is on their own path, conspiring against "the others". They have done absolutely nothing except push back since March. I also think the group is influenced by outside interests that are inappropriate to the goals of the party.

Yes, there is much passion on the part of some. But, some of it is mis-directed and "over the top".

The divisiveness, outside influence and the failure to come together after the election are poisoning the party. Once fixed, the SCDP can move forward. Allow it to fester and the party will die from within.

Anonymous said...

"I also think the group is influenced by outside interests that are inappropriate to the goals of the party."


Anonymous said...

As a new member there is a lot going on that you don't understand. There needs to be more training to help new members.

Anonymous said...

Any and all SCDP members are welcome to call the officers with any questions, suggestions or especially offers to help. The contact information is at www.shelbydem.org or the Party phone is 323-3290.

Anonymous said...

You not going to see change because the HATERS will do whatever they can to disrupt and destroy what the Sterring Committee is trying to do. They won't support anything they can't control.

Anonymous said...

11:57 You are right. It's mis-directed and over the top passion.

In the Bylaws we can remove people who are disruptive. All we need to do is call for the removal of a member due to their actions and then have a vote.

Van is the best chair this party has had in a very, very long time and the Secretary is creating some of the most professional minutes these old eyes have ever seen. They are all doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

As for Vision for the party. We should start supporting candidates more and reaching outside of Shelby County to support democrats running against repubs.

A New EC Member said...

A Vision: on a lighter note - your clip art for this post would look very nice as a SCDP tee shirt!!!

Reginald Milton said...

"...your clip art for this post would look very nice as a SCDP tee shirt!!!"

You may be right.

As a new member. What is your take on our monthly meetings? Are you glad you joined? What would you change?

Anonymous said...


You didn't ask me this question but being a new member this is my feelings about my experience so far.

The Democratic Conference that was held to select EC Members seemed unfair and disorganized. You had a few people who knew what was going on and the rest didn't, including me. The few that did know what was going on was trying to intimidate those that didn't. There needs to be an impartial SCDP rep to chair each district meeting to explain in "simple english" what is going on and hold the voting.

Once becoming a member for the first couple of month my experience has been ok. Some of the things going on seemed strange. Like Mr. Del Gill getting up ten times each meeting to make a point, many times it seemed petty to me and a waste of valuable time. Also people should know that once Mr. Gill said "She doesn't know who she is fucking with. I'm going to get her." He was talking about the blond white woman who is on the steering committee. Several people heard him. That made me decide not to get involved in anything. The people at the democrat meeting seemed to get nothing done but are always complaining about nothing. But again the first few months were ok but the last meeting made me think that this was a waste of my time. Nobody needs this drama. I'm going to give the group a couple more months but if this keeps up I'm going to quit coming.

Anonymous said...

12:30 Anonymous

Please don't get discouraged.

We are light years beyond where we were when I started on the EC.

There are only 3 or 4 malcontents left on the Committee. These guys just need to be marginalized which can be done through actions by the Chair.

Stick with it - there are a lot of good things we do despite Del.

Reginald Milton said...

To 12:30 P.M.

Please listen to 1:04 P.M. I was a volunteer for SCDP for nearly two years before becoming a member and then being elected to the position of Secretary. We have made great strides under Van's leadership.

There are really only a few who are disgruntled and for the life of me I will never understand why.

I joined SCDP because I am a proud Democrat and being a community organizer there is no other Party in my view that represents the common individual more.

If you leave now, you give in to hate. I have gone toe-to-toe against wealthy oil refinery executives who knowingly polluted our neighborhoods. Believe me I can handle a few malcontents and so can you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Reginald on holding out and dealing with the loud mouths. To quit is to give them victory. I do wish the chair would handle Del, Boris, and Jennings more forcefully.

The real work is done in the committees. This is my biggest complaint so far, the fact that establishing and getting the committees to working actively has been too slow. Some of the assigned chairs are very good, others I question.

I hope the Chairs would start their work soon. If not, they should be replaced.

Anonymous said...

The committee chairs need to get rolling,there is much to do.

Anonymous said...

This is a email authored by Norma Lester, SCDP member and candidate for Deidre's Malone's Commissioner's seat in which she refers to fellow Committee Members as "low lifes", and "scum of the earth." Do we really need her on the Commission referring to other elected officials in such unacceptable terms? This is not just a simple one time over-reaction, she has a history of outbursts and blast emails denigrating anyone who disagrees with her. The apology from Van Turner was not deserved. Those who know her well are very aware of how much she likes to stir shit. Here is a message for you Norma, when someone doesn’t like to get involved in petty gossip, they simply don’t do it. It isn’t necessary to try and convince others that you don’t engage in it, they are already judging you by your actions.

Furthermore, I’m told that some undecided members are unlikely to vote for Norma as a result of her lack of dignity!

To: turnervan@hotmail.com; leaester.redmond@yahoo.com; esjones75@netscape.net; bratcher4321@bellsouth.net
CC: smaadmin@bellsouth.net; itszee06@aol.com
Subject: Re: Two Points
From: lester4139@bellsouth.net
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2009 17:56:42 +0000

Van, if there are any low lifes surrounding you that are remotely suggesting any attacks on Reginald are secondary to me are the slums of the earth and need to confront me with their accusations. No one owns any race and is totally naive to think there will not be opposition. I don't really know Reggie or anything about him and I am not one to perpetuate petty gossip. Unless or until he does something to me I have no problem with him and when that time comes, I will personally let him know. Whatever is going on, I want no part of it and resent you or anyone implying otherwise.
Norma, it was so unnecessary for you to inject yourself into this discussion. Any sensible person running for office would have the integrity to not even step into it, let alone get into name calling. Sistergirl, you are not ready for primetime!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of Del Gill, Boris Combest, Jenning Bernard, LeaEster Redman-Terrell, Eddie Jones, John Bratcher and Norman Lester and you will have a great SCDP,

Anonymous said...

Norma Lester is the most unusual, unnecessary culprit of Benedictines and stupidity. This is from one of those low-life-rr who understands the kings language because obviously she doesn't. Watch out for the red blinking eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Sidney Chism and not Harold Byrd would be running for County Mayor? That’s why Sidney voted with the Republican on the County Commission.

Please be aware, this is too much power to give to an idiot. We have another idiot running for the City Mayor on the Council. You think they can come up with a high school diploma together?

Will Carol Chum-ly-ney be Mayor, since the blacks are stacking up in the race?

Anonymous said...

Chism and his bunch of thugs have held SCDP back for years. THere is no way that fool is going to be the next mayor of Memphis.

Now Memphis voters can do some stupid stuff but voting Chism in would be the stupidest thing they could ever do.

Anonymous said...

It looks like last night the Steering Committee met and shot down Del's effort to have the Party hold a People's Convention. This was another of many of Del's bad ideas. The Party is not into picking candidates they are there to educate the voters so they can pick the best candidate.

Reginald Milton said...

I feel I need to interject here.

I don’t really know Norma Lester that well. When I decided to run for the County Commission seat I did so based on concern for my community and an honest willingness to serve.

In all my conversations and dealings with Norma she has always been gracious. I must say I was taken aback by the tone of ferocity in her email she sent to Van, but I guess we all have our bad days.

I love politics but I dislike dirty politics. Instead of focusing on the issues, voters are forced to watch grown adults throw mud at each other. I have told my campaign supporters that we are to focus ONLY on sharing my vision for Shelby County to the voters and to avoid any negative comments about any of my opponents.

I have the deepest respect for anyone who offers themselves for public service.

Anonymous said...

good meeting tonight - well behaved participants and over by about 8:20

Great job Van on what could have been a contentious meeting

Anonymous said...

Anon August 6, 2009 10:03 PM said..

"...Great job Van on what could have been a contentious meeting."

I absolutely agree especially regarding the word contentious! In fact the difference for the last night's meeting and the meeting over the last six years is... VAN TURNER!!!

Van is performing the job of CHAIRMAN which means he is correctly adjudicating parliamentary rules to friends and foes!!! This did not happen under the Chairmanship's of the previous two party chairs. EX. When the Chair recognizes a speaker, that speaker cannot be interrupted with a "point of order or information" unless the Speaker desires to be! (The interrupter has to wait for the parliamentary control to return back to the Chair!) Previous Chairs used to permit such violations to routinely happen to Del Gill and all hell would break loose as a result. IN fact Howard Richardson did exactly this the previous month to Mr. Gill when many of you NEW members THOUGHT Mr. Gill was not BEHAVING (as enlightened as he is.)

The Executive Committee is a deliberative body and last night's meeting was a perfect example of civil discourse.

Congratulation Mr. Chairman!

Anonymous said...

To 5:53 am (a.k.a. Del Gill).

(as enlightened as he is.)That is so funny and sad that you have to come on this blog and pretend to be someone else while praising yourself. If you treated people better maybe people would really come here and say you are enlightened.

Yes you are right that was one fine meeting. Mainly because you were so focused on trying to win support for your People Convention you were on your best behavior. Now if you kept this up maybe more people would listen to you.

Anonymous said...

Del -

I think you are incorrect in your understanding of point of order. It can be invoked at any time and is directed to the chairman who must then act upon it.

In fact, the research I did seems to indicate you must call point of order at the time of the infraction or it will be ruled as untimely.

According to C-Span - A point of order halts proceedings while the presiding officer rules on whether or not it is valid.