A1 Job By AC

A hardy "Job well done!" goes out to Mayor AC Wharton for hosting one of the most enjoyable social gatherings for SCDP in a very long time! Held at the beautiful Paulette's Restaurant this event was in many ways a christening of the rebirth of the Party, as well as a darn good way to raise some needed funds.

The room was filled with elected officials including: Tennessee State Senator Jim Kyle, Commissioner Deidre Malone, Commissioner Henri Brooks, and Commissioner James Harvey. The room was also packed with political hopefuls and democratic faithfuls: Howard Byrd, Greg Duckett, Randy Wade, Desi Franklin, Howard Richardson and so many others it would be impossible to name them all.

The anticipated moment of the evening came when whispers started that Mayor Herenton would also be attending. Sure enough in walked the Mayor of Memphis. Herenton could be 4 feet tall and still make a commanding entrance. He swaggered in with a smile that energized the entire room and to his credit he took a seat up front and when offered an opportunity to speak he passed. He knew this was Mayor AC’s event not his. Herenton’s astuteness has always been one of his very best qualities.

I would like to note this is the second SCDP event where both Mayors attended. One could correctly argue this is a political season, but there’s more to it than that. The Party has made a paradigm shift.

There is little argument that for years the Shelby County Democratic Party has been adrift; attendance was waning and discord was abound. This is not an indictment upon any one SCDP Chair but an assessment of internal problems that were allowed to fester for far too long.

The success of Chairman Van Turner has come as no surprise to me. Van embraces what I consider the 5-core elements that define a leader: Integrity, Vision, Dedication, Wisdom and Charisma. (I will talk more about these traits/skills in a future post) With the Party now more stable - political, business and community leaders can now step forward and be more supportive. This is what we witnessed when Mayor AC offered to hold this event to help raise funds for SCDP. I see a bright future for the Shelby County Democratic Party.


Anonymous said...

Where is the Chism people??? Still looks like discord to me.

Anonymous said...

You can led a horse to water but you can't make it drink. There are some people in the party that don't want success if it isn't their success. Its' about them and only them. Haters is what they are we need to move on. IMHO.

lilaruby said...

this is fantastic and I agree with all points made in your excellent post; just believe it was a little less than "democratic" with invitee list. Many who have worked hard to get the party to this point were not invited and knew nothing about it until after the fact.

As for Chism people, Gale Jones Carson was there - not to mention Mayor Herenton...duh! Some people will look for trouble when it isn't there!

Anonymous said...

He would make a good city mayor.

Anonymous said...

Sidney People:Gail Carson Jones was there!!!

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful event, glad to have been part of it. It wasn't made public because it was suppose to be a small affair. This was Wharton's event. So it was limited at least that's what was told to me.

Anonymous said...

Great post Reginald.

AC will be the next mayor of Memphis and thank God for that! He is smart, professional, and not a race baiter like Herenton. Herenton didn't use the race card, he used the whole deck! It's time for a change and AC Wharton is it.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have choices,AC is not the only candidate. Take your time and study the field carefully, then make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

Are they really DEMOCRATS?
Are they suffering from the CRABS in the BARREL SYNDROME?
What did the BOSS tell them to do?
Watch how supposed to be democrats vote at the Shelby County Commission Meeting at 1:30 Monday, July 13, 2009.

Those Commissioners need opponents. (Mulroy, Chism, Ford and Harvey.)

Harvey is running for City Mayor, what a complete JOKE! He could never focus on being a good mayor because his mind and hands are always on women.

Joe Ford is running his son Justin for his County Commission seat and he is going to need the help of true democrat, I dare him to vote with republicans.

Term limits are a good thing for this community and this is the only way we can get fresh and new leadership to push this city and county forward. For all of that Black talk Chism pushes out there, why is he supporting Byrd? (Money)

Mulroy is like another Steve Cohen; he only uses Black People and their votes when it benefits him. I say go for it Keith Norman!

A True Democrat

Anonymous said...

Evertbody can't be invited to everything. It was a small place and there will be other events. As the Mayor stated, this was a fundraiser not a fun raiser.

Anonymous said...

True Democrat:
If Keith did not have time to run the party, how will he have time for constituents?

Anonymous said...

AC invited the steering committee of SCDP, some elected officials, and some big money people. It was an event held by the Mayor who could invite who he wanted, duh!

Anonymous said...

"Herenton’s astuteness has always been one of his very best qualities."

You've got to be kidding!

Reginald Milton said...

To - 11:45 AM

This mayor has been elected five times. I think you can give him some credit.

Anonymous said...

The Miseducation of the Negro described Sidney Chism and James Harvey at best. Those sell out Negroes voted for a white republicans woman against a black democratic woman. To me this flies in the face of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Shirley Chisholm and every other Black woman who has fought for Black people in this country. This was deal cut with the republican to support Harold Byrd. These same republicans are positioning themselves to support Steve Cohen against Willie Harenton.arter G. Woodson in his book, The

Anonymous said...

To July 13, 2009 4:05 PM:

I would not give the credit to WWH for being elected this last time on the platform he used or his performance. I BLAME the voters for not exploring all the candidates. The citizens made an uninformed choice to vote for WWH and there are now consequences that affect all citizens of Memphis and beyond.

The man should not be sent to DC just because he thinks he wants to go.