Mother's Day

My Mother

Sunday as I'm sure you know was Mother's Day. For a workaholic like myself anything that pulls me from the office, yes I work on Sundays, is an unacceptable inconvenience. When I'm out on the town with my friends my cell phone becomes my link back to the office. "Sorry I need to check my e-mail." "Excuse me, need to get this call." "Be with you in a minute checking my office calendar." My friends are forgiving.

So as I was heading to spend the day with my mother I did something very unusual, I left my phone in the car. Now I won't lie to you, there were some anxious moments and even though it was outside I would swear I could hear my phone ringing.

After my nerves settled down I was able to sit back and once again became my mother's little boy. We revisited family members who had long since passed away. We laughed at how I would hide in the backseat of our 1964 Buick when mom would go and pick dad up from work. Knowing I was there he would ask mom, "You didn't bring Reggie?" I would jump up and he would always pretend to be surprised. We talked about grandma and how no one could cook like her, and how we missed my Uncle Junior, who passed away not long ago.

We just sat there on the family sofa laughing at times, crying at times. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day to day affairs of life; like little ants busily at work. It takes the power of a love one to pull us back and reconnect us to what truly is important - family and friends.

To you all, a Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

The same to you "Reggie".


Brian said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

You made me cry. That was so sweet. My mother passed away two years ago and not a day goes by that she's not in my thoughts. Take it from me find more moments to be with your mother Reginald.

Reginald Milton said...

Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

My Mom is Nice