Good-Bye COGIC

Well the day has come and the City of Memphis has lost a part of its history. The Church of God in Christ will be moving its annual convocation to St. Louis next year. I personally see this loss as another example of the challenge Memphis has in competing with the big boys.

From losing coaches, to entertainment events, to companies Memphis will need to devote more energy in promoting, supporting and retaining money making enterprises if we are to survive. With nearly $40 million a year the saints brought to our economy every year their blessings will be missed. Of course we can rattle on about their problem with tipping but as a former waiter myself, a tip is better than no tip.

Some might argue that we bend over too much with PILOT dollars going to businesses that don't reciprocate with new jobs, to stadiums owners that can't bring in a crowed or major event, to businesses that keep US on the hook for years with a promise of locating here (Yes, I talking about you Bass Pro).

Memphis needs leadership that can capitalize on our assets and build a feeling of confidence. Right now this City gives a sense of desperation. If we are going to sell ourselves to others we must devote the time and energy to developing confidence in ourselves. This starts with strong, visionary leaders.


Anonymous said...

As a server with the hat people that's just what we got NO TIP. Good by and good luck! They won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

Count me in on that.