Congressman Herenton?

Mayor Herenton yesterday announced the formation of an exploratory committee that will look into his possible bid for the 9th Congressional District presently held by Steve Cohen.

There are three good reasons I wouldn't recommend anyone hold their breath, then again maybe you should hold your nose! Folks this is Herenton at his best, or worst depending on your feelings toward him.

First, Herenton is a showman and there is nothing he loves more than having people whispering about his next move. This could be nothing more than him rattling our cages.

Second, Herenton has always worn his heart on his sleeve. He's a sensitive man who has no problem coming back with a quick undercut. And woe to those who don't know that. It is known around the halls of the City Council that Cohen has on occasion called Councilman Myron Lowery, "Mayor Lowery" in respect to his knowledge and his desire for the office. Something Herenton, I'm certain, has not found to be amusing.

Third, Herenton just released his budget. The best way to take the heat off that topic is to throw in a red herring.

Simply put I'm not ready to call my bookie and put a bet on this race.


Anonymous said...

Congressman Herenton it don't even sound right. Pleeeeeeeeeese!

vibinc said...

He sure is sensitive...called out the President of the MCA yesterday in the Budget meeting and demanded an apology!

Herenton's a "Sensitive New Age Guy" for sure!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You are so right Reginald. He did this to keep people from talking about the cut he is making. This guy release the budget for the city and what is everybody talking about? Him running for Cohen job. Unbelievable. This city is so ass backward.

Tom Guleff said...

Let him run. In the meantime, he still has a job to do.

Anonymous said...

Herenton will be a great congressman! what a great change this would be for Memphis. Who better to represent us than our Mayor. Congratulations Mayor Herenton and good luck! We are with you all the way!

Anonymous said...

What!!!!!!! 11:13 am

You really want this guy to be our congressman???

To me Herenton supporters don't care how much he destroys Memphis as long as they think they are sticking it to the man. The only ones getting stuck are the citizen of this city.

Wake up and smell the garbage!

Anonymous said...

Tom the question is is he doing his job?

Anonymous said...

It sure did get everyone distracted from looking at the fantasy budget that he presented. Good move!

Why a 3% raise and talks of layoffs? Why cut the parks and libraries hours when the citizens are using them more during these tough times? Why does he propose a raise to those who are already making six figure incomes? Why are so many earning that much anyway? Why doesn't he cut some of them off the payroll entirely?

I hope the city council exposes his fantasy budget for exactly what it is.

Reginald Milton said...

To Steve (vibinc)
When I was in high school I read an article about the challenges of the Memphis City School system. In the article they stated that there was going to be a meeting where Superintendent Herenton would speak about the future of the school system. That Saturday I got up and put on my Sunday suit and caught the bus to the meeting and when Herenton was taking questions I raised my hand and, trying to ask an intelligent question, I asked about the article in the paper. He looked at me and said "Nobody wants to hear about that, shut up and sit down!" Here I was a 17 years old kid being told to shut up in front of hundreds of people. I sank to my chair. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my young life. Herenton has always been like this. He reacts without thinking to anything he perceives is an attack.

To 7:25 P.M. and 11:17 A.M.
I'm with you two. What's on the front page of the CA today? Not the budget, instead..."Once-confident Cohen may be facing slugfest"

To Tom Guleff
I don't think anyone is trying to stop him from running. (At least not yet.) The truth is I don't think he's going to run. This was nothing but a political move in my view.

Tom Guleff said...

Reginald, great blog. The "let him run" comment was not a legal defense, but was meant to treat the mayor as any other candidate running for office or side show attraction.

For the record, I am not a fan of the mayor. With that said, he is still the biggest political force in Memphis.

Reginald Milton said...

Tom said, "he is still the biggest political force in Memphis."

No one can argue with that. Thanks for coming by Tom.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Herenton is a people person! He will be taking a major cut to be a congressman> god bless him and his care for Memphis.

lilaruby said...

12:42, i have to disagree. While I voted for Herenton his first two terms, I finally started paying attention a few years ago to talk versus actions.

My questions to Herenton supporters:

How is the city better off than it was when he took office (except for the "chosen" few who have appointed offices within his administration)?

What has Mayor Herenton done for this community lately? Walking around money on election day is NOT economic development.

One of the things that makes me angriest about Herenton and his purported "contributions" to this city is how he uses people he should be trying to help. How many jobs do we have for blue collar workers that pay a decent living wage due to his efforts?

In my opinion, if Herenton gave half the attention to developing programs and jobs to help people pull themselves out of poverty that he gives to lining his pockets thru his personal real estate endeavors, Memphis would be a much much better place for ALL to live.

The sooner he fades into history, the sooner Memphis can begin to move into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...


You are wasting your time. These Herenton zombies can't hear, can't see, can't think. They just go to the polls and vote as ordered.

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to criticize others. The reason most people are criticizing Herenton is because they are "haters". They hate they don't have the Mayor's job or some other job that allows them to duke the citizens of the city of Memphis worse than they already are being duked. Get over it. Some people have an inside view of the system and are just waiting for an opportunity at a "salary" at the taxpayer's expense and "life insurance' at the taxpayer's expense and finally a "pension" at the taxpayer's expense. Most people with political aspirations have selfserving reasons be being so inspired. Just looking for a sneaky "politically correct" way to get some money in their pockets. The worms are wiggling underground and the New Madrid Fault might errupt at any time on Memphis' landmark. Power hungry and greedy bidders. My, my, my, get a real job and go to work. Earn your money instead of looking for loop holes to get it and telling every dispicable untruth afterward to appease the conscious.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:00 Let's get this straight.

You start by saying...
"It is so easy to criticize others."
You then turn around and criticize.

You then say...
"they are "haters"."
But your whining is filled with hate.

You then say...
"Some people have an inside view of the system and are just waiting for an opportunity at a "salary" at the taxpayer's expense..."
So clearly you are saying you aren't one of these people with inside knowledge. So how do you know what these people with political desires are thinking since clearly you don't know them? (Or better yet they don't want to know you!)

You then say...
"Most people with political aspirations have selfserving reasons"
So all the thousands and thousands of politicians that work their asses off so you can have those silly things like laws, and regulations are just there for a pay check. Guess whatever job you have you would do it for free, right? No pension, right? No life insurance, right?

You then say...
"Power hungry and greedy bidders."
Since Herenton is a politician then he must be one of these greedy bidders or do you just pick and choose?

The only hater around here is you. Someone who couldn't cut it so you hate everyone else who tries.

Reginald Milton said...

To 12:42 P.M.
Yes, Herenton clearly has a right to run against Cohen and I wish anyone who is truly committed to serving the very best.

To lilaruby
There are things that have left me scratching my head when it comes to Herenton. Actions, responses and attitudes unbecoming of someone in his position. At the same time in my short foray into politics I can tell you first hand there are people out there that would drive a Saint to drink.

To 2:41 P.M.
It is up to each candidate to reach out to the public and sway them to their side. This doesn't make people zombies. Yes, regrettable MANY citizens here in Memphis don't do their homework and vote on popularity, or name recognition but this could also be a failure in our political process. A topic I will discuss further in a future post.

To 3:00 P.M.
Wow, you are bitter. Are there people out there trying to get into politics for their own self-centered reasons? Of course. But I see that in every field. Take the field I'm in, nonprofit. People often try to start such an enterprise with dreams of hitting it big. Most are quickly disappointed. You can only fake it for so long. I have to believe the vast majority of our elected officials wake up each morning thinking how can they do their jobs better.

You seem to have had a negative experience. If you what to share that more feel free, but general attacks weaken your position.

To 5:21 P.M.
Ouch! You hit 3:00 P.M. pretty hard. I let your post stand because you were specific. But next time try to look at it from their point of view.