Why Me?

The other day I was in line at the bank, strange that this is where I find so many of my stories, and there was this lady in her mid-thirties who was speaking to the teller. She reflected on how difficult her life has been and the efforts being made to turn things around. She spoke of being a single mother, losing her job and having to move back home with her parents. Though life had thrown her a few curve balls she could point to some positives: a return to community college, and a new “used” car. I found her to be interesting because you could tell in her voice that she had gone through a great deal. Mind you the others who were in line weren't as interested or as patient. Ever since returning from President Obama's Inauguration, where I stood in lines of thousands, waiting doesn't seem to bother me as much.

The lady concluded her transaction and left the bank. I soon followed. As I was about to enter my car I heard a crashing sound. You know that crumbling sound when two cars collide. That sound that makes your heart race, your stomach turn and your head spin. I went to see who the unfortunates were, and as you would expect the story to unfold it was the lady that was in front of me at the bank. She stepped out of her not as new car shaken but seemingly unharmed.

How unfair life can be. We come into this world on a wing and a prayer. We struggle to find purpose and meaning to our lives only to have it taken away just as we come to terms with it. Now I am not a poet, philosopher or preacher but I am convinced that there is more to our lives than is apparent. Too often we lose sight of the wonderment of our existence. Too often we lose sight of the wonderment of our existence. (Yes, I know the sentence was typed twice, it deserved repeating.) We will be battered, we will be bruised, but as long as we never give up there is always hope.

Though you will face many crashes in life never surrender your dreams. As the famous orator Rocky Balboa said, “Yo, I ain’t heard no bell.”


Anonymous said...

Heading off to work, thanks I'll keep a look out.

Anonymous said...

Very nice Reg.

Anonymous said...

The thing is people naturally just aren't happy. Oh God give me this and Oh God give me that. As soon as they've got it it's Oh God give me this.