Obama's Honeymoon Is Over

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If there was a honeymoon the bride never showed up.

President Obama may need to take some sage advice from the Ferengi, if you aren't a Star Trek fan don't worry about who they are. Under Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, #127 says, "Great profits can be made in times of Peace." It should be noted that Acquisition #128 says, "Great profits can be made in times of War." What I mean by this is that Obama's effort to try and find a compromise with Republicans, Wall Street and even terrorist nations may in the end fall on deaf ears. The reason? Simple, why have peace when war pays so well?

The Republicans, led by their master Rush Limbaugh, aren't looking for a compromise. What they want is a failed Obama administration and if this hurts the country so be it. Already the attack dogs have been nipping at the President's heals.

If President Obama is able to pull America out of this crisis that means the Democrats were right and the Republicans were wrong; therefore bigger government and more regulations will rule the day. This would relegate the Republicans to the kiddie table for decades. Now should it be about who's right or who's wrong? Of course it shouldn't be, but that is the way of politics.

Not a single Republican Member of the House supported the President's Economic Stimulus, even after Obama met with House Republicans and made concessions. Now these same elected officials were more than happy to give Wall Street $750 billion under former President Bush. Already the initial funds of $300 billion have been wasted in lucrative executive bonuses, luxurious "training" trips, and lavish company parties.

Concessions are not what the Republicans want. Last month 598,000 Americans lost their jobs. If this is not enough to create bi-partisanship what will?

While Americans across this country are losing their homes, not a cent has gone to bring relief. Elected official will point to band-aid programs like Hope Now which has a nice title but poor results. As I stated earlier Wall Street has gobbled up $300 billion of the $750 billion bail out from tax payers with nothing to show for it, but new private jets.

These CEO's also want to see Obama fail. More regulations and oversight is the last thing these robber barons want. Eight years of deregulation under Bush, (to be fair some of the oversight failings can be traced back pass the Clinton era.) gave these company execs like investor Bernard Maddoff the confidence to fleece so many. I wonder how many of Maddoff's clients before the bubble burst set around their dinner table denouncing government regulations; they are probable still anti-regulations. Hey, they need the freedom. How else are they going to make back the money they lost?

Israel sees an Obama administration as a possible turning point in America's stand against the Hezbollah. The U.S. may now try and find a compromise between Israel and the Palestinians. If anything is clear there will never be peace in this region. The 1993 Oslo peace process proved that. Then the generals of Hezbollah were enraged
at President Yasser Arafat and accused him of treason for his participation in this effort. The Hezbollah do not want peace. They want power. They know they will never drive Jews from Israel. Then why fight, would it not be wiser to seek an accord for the sake of their Muslim people? No, war is what created Hezbollah, war is what brought them to power, and war is what keeps them in power. The best thing the United States can do is continue providing humanitarian aid for the Gaza/West Bank people, insure the only democracy as well as our strongest ally in the Middle East, Israel, can continue to defend itself and finally continue promoting the idea of peace.

With the words "Axis of Evil" Iran saw its faith. It will not stop until it has a nuclear weapon. Obama can have all the sit downs he wants in the end Iran will have its bomb.

Sitting down with moderate faction that have problems with U.S. is fine and good, but until we can insure the protection of those moderates that are willing to work with us there will be no change. The United States goal of finding and killing Osama bin Laden should not change because Al-Qaeda will never agree to peace. Like the Hezbollah, without war there is no reason for their existence.

Though there is no doubt that President Obama has tried and will continue to try to reach across the aisle to the Republicans, seek to encourage fair play in the corporate world, and try to unclench the closed hands of our adversaries.


Anonymous said...

Rush Limbaugh, what a con-man. These poor whites will lose everything and be dumb enough to still think that have more in common with the wealthy than the poor.

Anonymous said...

Of course there was no honeymoon this is what the republicans are good at. They will attack and lie - attack and lie. Your right about them not wanting peace. They keep us fighting among ourselves while they rake in the money.

Reginald Milton said...

The Republicans only have one answer for everything, "Tax Cuts."

You have to understand this is a party that believes in protecting the unborn child until they are born and then turning their backs on any effort to help that same child.

They treasure life but promote the death penalty and gun ownership.

They embrace religion but don't practice it.

The Republicans are a broken record that needed to be thrown out long ago.

Anonymous said...

God needs to be with Obama because the devil is loose. We better wake up and know these are the end of times.

Anonymous said...

"If there was a honeymoon the bride never showed up."

Clever caption!

Anonymous said...

February 10, 2009 1:40 PM

I do agree with you that these are the "end of times" as we have known. Our economic survival as individuals and as a country are going to become worse than ever.

Anonymous said...

Reginald, your comment about gun ownership is not just a Republican thing. Many many Democrats believe in the right to bear arms. Many have permits to carry which does require extensive training and security check.

Many others including those who claim to be Independents believe in the right to bear arms.

It should be stated that all except the criminal element believe in obeying the laws regarding firearms.

CSPAN said...

Reginald your writing is poetic. It's nice reading your blog. Please keep it up.

Reginald Milton said...

To 7:39 A.M.
You're correct. I could have explained that better.

To me and most progressives gun ownership is a privilege not a right. To conservatives it is a right not a privilege. This difference is at the heart of the debate between these two camps.

I feel there needs to be strict guidelines in the purchase and ownership of these dangerous weapons. The fact that conservatives fight this effort when so many of our young African American youth are killed by guns each day is troubling to me to say the least.

Thank you and please feel free to disagree with me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Reginald when you wrote "I feel there needs to be strict guidelines in the purchase and ownership of these dangerous weapons."

There ARE strict laws in place concerning firearm purchases and ownership. It is the criminal element that is totally unregulated.

Anonymous said...

They letting people take guns in churchs now. This world is crazy.