Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?

...seven million dollars worth of dimes that is.

Today, like million of other supporters, I received an email from Vice President-elect Biden's wife Jill asking me to help retire future Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's campaign debt of over $7 million.

Clearly that is a massive debt, but Bill and Hillary are worth over $40 million and between the two of them a few dozen paid speeches should take them from the red and put them in the pink. To be asking money from supporters who are worth far less and during an economic crisis is... well maybe a bit too much to swallow. Jill's letter went like this.

Reginald --

We're just 11 days away from the start of an important journey that will move our country in a new direction.

But as we all prepare for that journey, we can't forget our commitment to help Hillary Clinton retire her campaign debt.

I got to know Hillary on the campaign trail, and I saw firsthand what a vital role she played in Barack's election. And as our soon-to-be Secretary of State, Senator Clinton is working hard now to help Barack implement policies that will help us meet the global challenges we face.

Will you help us honor our promise and support our friend Hillary Clinton by making a donation of $100 or more today?

During the general election, Hillary was a tireless advocate for Barack, traveling across the country and uniting people in our movement for change.

As a wife and a mother, I know the kind of sacrifice she made as a candidate, an advocate for Barack and Joe, and now as a member of the cabinet. She made those sacrifices because she believed in the change that we all worked so hard for.

Now, we need to help Hillary focus on the challenges that she will face as Secretary of State. You can show your support and make sure the hard-working individuals and small businesses who were a part of Hillary's campaign effort are paid for their hard work.

Make a donation of $100 or more now to help one of our vital partners for change:

Thank you for everything,


What do you think?


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Anonymous said...

Funny how Barack Obama promised "CHANGE" it looks like the same old cronyism to me.

I'll keep my religion and gun, you keep the change.

Anonymous said...

If people want to give her the money that is all right with me.

Even if you have a lot of money you do not want to kiss away the opportunity to raise some of the money through donations.

This may be her last chance to ask for donations because she can not when she take office.

Obama is not trying to take your religion or guns so do not put that on him.

Anonymous said...

Yea right, the check is in the mail sweetheart!

Anonymous said...

Reginald she may be worth more than that. This was in the New York Times:

After a long delay, on April 4 the campaign finally released her tax returns, which she files jointly with her husband. They revealed that the Clintons have generated 109 million dollars in income since leaving the White House in 2001.

Of course they could have lost some of their money during the recession. I agree it does seem a little classless for a millionaire to be asking the average citizen to pay off her debt.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly appropriate to ask for help with post campaign debt retirement regardless of net worth. It is simply up to each person to decide whether to contribute.

It was an expensive campaign, as they all are, candidate and supporters alike should share the cost. Otherwise no one would ever run.

Barack kept asking for money long after he won the election but before he started the inauguration fund drive. He certainly did have a lot in the campaign chest.

Give Hillary a break!

Anonymous said...

yep running a campaign is expensive, it doesn't bother me she is asking for help but it should be for some of the debt say 50% and the rest she will donate being that she is rich and all.