Ok let me make this official I plan to go.

I made my plane and hotel reservations back in March! My hotel is near the Reagan Airport. You have to take this serious, planning ahead is critical. This will be the largest gathering of citizens in DC history. I contacted Congressman Cohen's office over two months ago asking for tickets to the inauguration.

Of course Bill and Hillary Clinton didn't invite me to their private party (lucky son-of-a-gun Keith Norman).

For those of you who are going here are a few tips:

To deal with the cold weather I recommend you follow the advice given by Mark Florian. His web site is:

With the inauguration coming around Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and the nation's capital honoring Lincoln's Bicentennial Washington D.C. will be bursting at the seams. No matter who you are you will never have experienced this level of congestion. So being prepared is critical. You should check out Rachel Cooper's tips on getting around in D.C. Her web site is:

Also check out

If any of you are planning to go let's make plans to get together. I will be in Washington from January 17th through the 21st. This is a great day in our history


David and Kathy said...

Reginald you have fun for all of us. My family wanted to attend but our schedules made it impossible. Take a lot of pictures!

David and Kathy

Anonymous said...

No thank you, watching it on the television in my nice warm home will be good enough. But you be safe.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tried to get a hotel they wanted $500 a night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The hotel is 30 miles out of D.C.

Well we won't be going.

Anonymous said...

I called cohen office for tickets and they said that they wasn't going to take anymore names. My sister lives in Washington and I wanted to go see her and the president.

Anonymous said...

I saw on line that they are selling tickets to the inaugural. This is a lie! Don't let anybody fool you.

Anonymous said...

Bring back souvenirs.