The Republicans Killed McCain

Sunday morning on Meet the Press General Colin Powell, without doubt one of the most respected military minds alive today and a Republican gave his support to Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama. The reasons for the General making this decision is on the grounds I have spoken about previously on this blog. The Republican Party is become an elitist party. It has circled its wagons and sees all those who question or differ from the conservative holy script of guns, abortion, Trickle-Down Economics, and States’ Rights as an enemy. They don't want to hear differing opinions and in fact ostracize all those that dare offer one. As a disenchanted Republican friend said, "I’m tired of this Party; it's just a bunch of mad people who think they are better than everyone else."

The fact that the Republicans have tried to deify Ronald Reagan as one of their greatest presidents is a clear explanation to why this Party is becoming obsolete. President Reagan launched the spiral decline of the Republicans. He tied his Party to: fundamentalist Christianity, neo-conservatives and embraced the ideology that deregulation was the panacea to all our woes. He also did one other thing. He also created a class system based on race by convincing poor whites they had more in common with upper income whites than with poor minorities.

If you look at the core of the Republican Party today you basically have three groups:
1. Fundamentalist Christians – “God is on our side.” This has created a party that is fighting stem cell research, a woman’s control over her own body and evolution. Because the Republican Party has this core fundamentalist group who feel they are doing the work of God, they will never compromise on their views and since politics is all about compromise the Republicans party is caught in a no win scenario.

2. Neo-Conservatives - “Might is right.” Our foreign policies for the last eight has been shanghaied by paranoid xenophobes who are more than willing to lie to, spy on and manipulate the American people to defend what they see as an all out war on Anglo-Saxon values. President Bush surrounded himself with people who felt it was their duty to “Democratize the World.” Even our strongest allies saw America as cowboys gone wild.

3. Good ol’ Boys – “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.” This is a broad group of people, but they have several things in common: States’ Rights, limited government, anti-gun control, and anti-tax. I want to be clear on this, not all are racist, but this is where you will find many of the racist groups that cling to the Republican Party. Often for votes Republican candidates will use code words such as States’ Rights to mollify this group.

Powell fear is that he sees these groups taking control of his Party. Much of the attacks against Senator Obama have come from these three factions: Fundamentalist Christians, “He’s an Arab,” Neo-conservatives, “He’s a terrorist,” and the Good ol’ Boys, “He’s not an American.” The HATE that General Powell is seeing within his Party is slowly shrinking the numbers of its members. Soon after Powell’s comments the attacks from his Party began and the attacks were not based on an attempt to explain his concerns but were immediately directed toward his race. Senator McCain stated he "expected this" from Powell. Pat Buchannan said on MSNBC that Powell like most Blacks were supporting Obama because of his race and Rush Limbaugh screamed across the air ways that the only reason Powell made this decision is because Obama was black. Each of these men totally disregarded any rational assessment of problems that might be present within their Party.

The Republican tent will continue to become smaller and smaller as will their I.Q.


Anonymous said...

When they were talking about Hillary supporters crossing over to support McCain that was fine, but now see how they are calling Powell a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
John Mccain tied himself to dead weight. The republicans are killing everything they touch.

You should here them on the radio trying to call Obama a socialist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Republicans,


Anonymous said...

Well said Mr. Milton.

When you looked at the two national conventions you saw the republicans with a shrinking segment of American, but when you saw the democrats you say the face of all America.

God is not going to let the republicans win. They have shown their evil side.

Eight years of Bush has destroyed this country. It will take someone like Obama to save us.

Red White Blue said...

I find it interesting that someone leaked an internal poll for Pennsylvania, and BO only up by 2 points. (within the margin of error)

But McCain jumped to a 20 point lead in suburbs with these new polls.

You have the media in an all out push for BO, treating Palin badly, BO talking about hiking taxes (Indiana, 5 months ago, had a survey, where people do not trust someone who says they will increase taxes on one group, because they feel if you do it on one group, you will do that to them.)

And now, the working class vote is swinging toward McCain.

Hiking taxes on anyone is a stumbling economy is a disaster. I do not care who you claim to hike them on.

Spread the wealth around. As I said, it does not matter how many millions of dollars BO dumps into this campaign, you just cannot put enough lipstick on that pig to make it look good.

Anonymous said...

It is not about the Republicans or the Democrats. The majority of leaders in both parties are alike, crooks. They will announce one thing in the public and get behind closed doors and do jus the opposite. The issue is simply one of right and wrong. Those who wish to do wrong and call it right dislike others who are on the side of right. Abortions, homosexuality and other sins are wrong. There is no making them right consicously or subconsciously. These things will never be right. People have choices in these matters but the consequences of these choices rest upon the shoulders of the violator. Until this world accepts the fact that they were created by a Holy and Divine God, to whom they owe allegiance, we will continue to go down stream. Obama can't do a thing for a nation of people who have lost the natural use of their bodies for that which was never intended. If this nation will return to God Almighty, we will see a turn around in the economy and our world. Who ever heard of a day when children walking to school would have to be subjected to an old evil pervert lurking by to drag them off and do all kinds of ungodly, sexual acts on them against their will. Who ever thought our boys would be raped by men. Can the Republicans cure this, no. Can the Democrats cure this, no. Only a Holy God can cure this. When people turn to God Almighty, it does not matter who is in office, we will survive regardless of the economy or any other society ills.

Anonymous said...

It is important that everyone vote. Don't miss your chance to be part of history. This is something you can tell your grandchildren about! Early voting has already started and election day is November 4th.

Anonymous said...

This may be the end of the two party system. The republican will break up into smaller groups.