Obama Scores a TKO

Senator McCain had two main objectives going into the second debate with Senator Obama.

1. Paint Obama as an inexperienced, untested unknown, and
2. Show how he will get America out of this financial crisis.

Simply he failed. When you are running behind in the polls the burden is on your shoulders, fair or not, to pull a rabbit out of your hat. All McCain could come up with was that same tired comments he has made in the pass.

Regrettable for McCain the policy he has supported for over two decades, deregulation, is what has placed this country in this crisis. So it's not surprising that the economy is that last thing he wants to talk about. Try to connect Obama to terrorist, try to paint Obama as inexperienced, try to label Obama as unamerican, but for God sake don't talk about the economy.

As for Senator Obama, he remained calm and on point throughout the night. He devoted much of his time to explaining what he plans to do once he is in office. He left the mud slinging to McCain.

A commentator said it best when he said, "Obama looked presidential."

The anger from McCain was palpable. He rarely looked at Obama and instead of calling the Senator by name he instead called him "That one." At the end of the debate McCain would not even shake Obama's hand.

McCain is a spoiled brat. His temper is well known. We need a president that can build bridges not blow them up.

Mr. McCain I'm voting for "That One."


Anonymous said...

McCain has a temper. You want this guy with his finger on the bomb?

Anonymous said...

McCain is tough as nails!!!! A war hero. We need someone tough to pull the trigger fast!!!! We dont need a weak President who wants to talk it out!!! Nuke Them!!!! Go USA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The republicans are falling apart. They can't talk about the econonic crisis so they are trying to paint Obama as a terrorist.

The people who support Mccain want him to continue spreading these lies. Did you see how Mccain was booed by his own people when he tried to say Obama would make a good president. These people are evil.

Anonymous said...

Don't drink the kool-aid folks, it is poison! The Republican strategists want us to think that things are pretty much going the way of Obama. That gives us a sense of complaceny and removes the sense of urgency to vote.

Afterall, if we believe that Obama will win, why should my one vote count? It won't make a difference since he will win anyway.

I keep reminding folks that the Republicans are really good at turning out the vote.

Early voting begins this Wednesday, October 15...get out and vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Bomb, bomb, bomb.
Bomb, bomb Iran.

Who needs this fool?