Let the Mud Slinging Begin

Well my dear readers prepare for the mother of all mud slinging. For the remaining days of this presidential election the Republican pit bull Karl Rove, who is now the strategic consultant to McCain, will release wave after wave of attacks against Senator Obama. It’s sad to see how far McCain has fallen. It was Rove that spread lies about McCain fathering a black child when he ran during the 2000 presidential election against Bush, Jr., and now McCain is prepared to use Rove to spread lies about Obama. "Oh what a tangled web we weave..."

Of course the McCain camp will not be the only ones slinging mud; already the Obama camp has released an ad that seems to question McCain’s mental ability.

In this time of economic, military and social despair both candidates should focus on presenting their solutions to how they plan to move America out of this crisis.

Even though people say time and time again that they hate negative ads history shows they work. It will be important that we not get side tracked by smoke and mirrors. My suggestion, ignore the attack ads and focus on what are the key concerns you have and if the candidates are giving you the answers you need. There are several very good web sites you can go to get FACTS on the candidates. My favorite web sites are:


Expect more attacks suggesting Obama is a Muslim, with ties to terrorist and McCain as being out of touch. Politics, you’ve got to love it.


Anonymous said...

if people stop falling for this bull these politicians would stop.

Anonymous said...

Nothing change. These white people not going let a black man be president. Watch and see. Something is going to happen. There going to be a big scandle about obama. They hate blacks.

Anonymous said...

Poster 9:09 a.m.
Yes,things can change, but we have to make it happen. Make sure you vote and that everyone you know votes. Ask people everywhere you go to vote.

Early voting begins October 15 and you are urged to vote early to avoid the wait you will have on Election Day, November 4.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

9:09 - I'm white and I plan to vote for Obama. Many of my friends (who also are white) plan to vote for Obama as well. It's wrong to generalize.

Anonymous said...

9:26 a.m. is white and will definitely vote Obama and for all the entire Democratic down ballot candidates.

Anonymous said...

Whites love Obama!

BP said...

Its not mudd slinging when you can connect someone's pass to the issues we are facing today. McCain was involved in a financial scandal called the Keating Five by in the 80's. How is this mudd slinging?