Round One Goes To Senator Obama

Well, we had the first debate between Senator Obama and Senator McCain and overall they both presented themselves well. You could say the debate was a bit...stiff. It was clear both candidates were trying to be cautious and it showed. There were no real knockouts. Since debates are all about who won and who lost I will give you my assessment of the evening.

Going in McCain had to accomplish three things:
1. Show that he could effectively deal with the economic crisis.
On the economic crisis McCain offered little more than he had in the pass. He tried to distance himself from the Bush administration, but in the end it is impossible to call for change when you are embracing the same old policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

2. Show that Obama was not prepared to take the role of President.
McCain was completely ineffective at rattling Obama. For some odd reason McCain refused to look at his rival. To me this made him look mean. In fact that would be the overall view I had of McCain. He never seemed at ease. This is common for someone who is nervous. They focus so hard on the deliver that they loose site of their presence.

3. Show that the McCain/Palin ticket was a winner.
Where was Sarah Palin? For the Republican Vice Presidential nominee not to be at the first debate goes to only strengthen the argument of the naysayers who state Palin is not ready for prime time. Now normally a vice presidential nominee is not the key deciding factor in selecting a president, but these are different times. If elected McCain would be the oldest person to ever ascend to the presidency; couple that with questionable health one can see the importance of a qualified vice president.

Obama on the other hand had only one main task:

1. Show that he is presidential material.
Senator Obama seemed at ease from the moment he walked on stage. He greeted Senator McCain with a broad smile. He repeatedly pointed out why he was the true voice of Change, and never stumbled. Throughout the debate Obama addressed McCain by looking him square in the eye and laying out their differences. McCain's refusal to do the same made him look petty.

In a recent poll Obama was currently ahead 55 percent to 45 percent. The poll may not be scientific but given that readers are more conservative than the general population it can only be a positive sign for Obama.

Nearly every poll is showing Senator Barack Obama is pulling away from McCain. I predict that in their next debate McCain will be far more aggressive. He has no choice; he has to take the battle to Obama. In my view, the war is already over. Can you say President Obama?

UPDATE: Please read the statement I made in the opinion section of this post. This war is far from being over.


Anonymous said...

Yes I can say Obama!! Ye're going to see the lies now. They going to spin every thang and make Mccain look good.

Anonymous said...

The "war is not over"! We still have to turn out all the voters. The Republicans are good at voter turnout.

Please do not make assumptions of an automatic win. Voters will feel complacent and stay home. Get busy folks!

Anonymous said...

It does look good Mr. Milton but 10:48 is right it ain't over until it's over.

If people don't get out and vote we are going to loose. It piss me off when people tell me they voting for Obama and then find out they ain't registered to vote.

Get registered and Go vote!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Reginald Milton said...

My Dear Readers,

Did I just give a "Mission Accomplished" statement? Please forgive me. All of you who said this is not the time to become complacent are absolutely correct. My final statement was poorly phrased.

Now is not the time to relax. The war “HAS NOT” been won. We know how dirty and underhanded our opponent can be. Stay focused and everyone needs to get registered and everyone needs to vote. This is about our future. The Obama/Biden team needs your support – Donate your time and your money.

Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens until they hatched. McCain is a fighter and would make a good president. Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Tick...tick...tick. They're time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Palin is smart and very attractive. She is definitely presidential material!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Milton you need to screen your posts. You let in some low-down republicans!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin ran the Anchorage Marathon in 2005 in 3:59:36. unbelievable time!!!! That is a bigger accomplishment than any other candidate!

Anonymous said...

11:47 a.m. said...
"Sarah Palin ran the Anchorage Marathon in 2005."

That is crap! The only thing that Palin had running is her mouth and nothing was coming out!

CSPAN said...

To 11:47 AM


1 8 1:04:12 Karen Williams 44 Anchorage AK 1:04:12
2 15 1:06:56 Ruth Barndt 44 Eagle River AK 1:01:48
3 18 1:07:09 Pam Richter 47 Anchorage AK 1:07:09
4 21 1:08:34 Veronic Vania 42 Anchorage AK 1:03:26
5 22 1:08:39 trish kopp 40 Kenai AK 1:03:31

So you are either F-ing with us or your soul has been taking over by a republican witch doctor.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who support McCain, you must also support Bush. So tell me what has this man (Bush) done for this country to make you support him. I know you are out there because I still see you with that damn "W" on your gas drinking SUV's.

Anonymous said...

George Bush is Great!!!! I agree with the war and we are safer now than ever. I would vote for Bush over all of these clowns!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the debate last night? McCain is a hot head. He wouldn't call Obama by name or even shake Obama hand after the debate. This man is bomb waiting to go off.