Biden Was A Perfect Choice!

Ok, I know you won't believe me but I was telling friends I thought it would be Biden months ago. There were four key things I felt that Obama had to consider when selecting his vice president: History, Drama, Synergy and Ying/Yang.

History – Ok this is my opinion but anyone that runs for the office of President of the United States has to have an ego. “You want to be the leader of the Free World?!” I feel Obama looked at this and thought when people look back on this moment in history it should be HIS STORY. To have picked someone like Bill Richardson, a Hispanic, or Hillary Clinton, a woman, would have meant he would have had to share this historical moment. Not going to happen.

Drama – The VP needs to be an easy pill to swallow, no surprise. With the right-wing trying to make Obama look like a risk he really doesn’t need excitement, he needs dependability. This eliminated people like Jim Webb who could be a bit blunt or Michael Bloomberg who was too opinionated.

Synergy – Can you say Hillary Clinton? Look Obama never could have selected Hillary without looking like a hypocrite. Everyone would have known he made the selection for political reasons and this would have been a slapped in the face of his Change message.

Ying/Yang – He needed someone who fit like a glove and fill his perceived weak points. Youth, Experience, Military Background, Outsider (yes, you can talk about change but in the end everyone knows you still have to be able to work with the insiders.) Joseph Biden fits the bill. He is reassuring, a common man’s man, safe, strong foreign policy experience and doesn’t take away from Obama’s historical accomplishment.

Who else did I like? Gov. Tim Kaine who is a popular governor of a critical swing state. He has working-class roots and a Harvard degree, and strong support from both business and labor. He is a devout Catholic and speaks fluent Spanish, and was the first governor outside Illinois to endorse Barack Obama for president.

Of course I have to also pick our Governor Phil Bredesen, but I could be a little bias.

By selecting Biden, Senator Obama sent a clear message to his supporters that he was his own man and to the Hillary camp, "It's over, now get on board and let's win."


Del said...

Reg I'm your friend and I don't remember you once saying you thought it was Biden. LOL.

Keep up the good work buddy.


Anonymous said...

Biden makes a $150K a year. He is not a rich man. This was a good pick. But Obama still is going to have trouble with the Clinton people. He could have handled that better.

Reginald Milton said...

To Del,
et tu brute!

Del man, how can you do me like that? LOL!

Thanks for coming to my site!

To 6:07 P.M.
Biden has been in Washington for over 30 years and the man still seems like he could be you next door neighbor. He was a great choice.

I'm going to have to do a post on Hillary supporters.

Thanks for your comment.

Brian said...

Biden, really! What happen to getting someone in there with some CEO experience like the Gov. of Virgina. The Clintons are going to have a field day with this one.

Brian said...

Reg, you really need to focus on the APP State Game this weekend!

Reginald Milton said...

Yes, like I said Gov. Tim Kaine from Virgina was a favorite of mine, but his opposition to abortion based on his religious beliefs, and support of
requiring parental consent and banning so-called partial-birth abortions in cases where the woman's health is not at risk may have put him in the Drama Category among staunch abortion rights groups.

Appalachian State University, Go Mountaineers!

I'll talk with you soon buddy.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I was and remain a Hillary supporter.(Please continue reading. She has much work to do in the Senate to support the new President Obama. I hope she continues to apply her knowledge and experience to where it will do the most good for our country and I am confident she will.

Biden is an okay pick and will get the job done. I know many Hillary supporters who plan to vote Democrat for President and especially for Congress.

Without enough Dems in the House and Senate, Obama has no chance of accomplishing what is needed after the election ends.

Support Bob Tuke, Steve Cohen and anyone anywhere else who is Democrat.

Together we can win in November and years after!

BP said...

Tuke is the guy running against Alexander. God knows we need a change.

Cohen has got it, this is only show.

Reginald Joe Biden was a good pick. Have you seen the Repub ads? They are trying to act like they give a crap about Hillary. They think we are fools.

Anonymous said...

Reginald this is Jamie and yes you were touting Joe Biden months ago. I had to come to your defense (Smile). Please keep doing and being the wonderful person that you are.

Jamie - -