The Impact of Race On Political Leadership

Dr. Randolph Meade Walker

Mr. Steve Mulroy

Mr. Calvin Anderson

Mr. Eric Robertson

I spent Saturday morning participating in the Shelby County Democratic Party's Forum on The Impact of Race on Political Leadership in Memphis. I was first impressed with the fact that we had over 60 people show up on a Saturday morning to talk about race.

I was next impressed by the speakers four of which I have included their opening remarks. The fifth, Ben Parkinson who spoke on Being White in America. I will suggest you go to to hear his entire presentation.

I was finally impressed with the direction the Shelby County Democratic Party is now moving. I don't think I would be saying anything that hasn't already been said and that is that the SCDP had lost its way. In my bid for City Council last year it was clear SCDP was voiceless as people produced and sold fake election ballots. After attending several vocal and seemingly disorganized SCDP meetings I was convinced that the Party needed to regroup. Many in the Party had been saying the same thing. Only in the last few months have I seen a real determination to move forward and take positions on critical issues.

The Kennedy Day Fundraiser and Race Forum is a good start, but I would now recommend the leadership look at having several retreats and round table discussions focusing on building a stronger alliance among their members.


Anonymous said...

There is no Shelby County Democratic Party. It's just a bunch of want-a-bes who only care for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hey Reginald, I wish I could have been there and would have but my daughter's graduation trumped it. I am a white native Memphian and tired of racial division here. I may be a wild eyed idealist but I feel that our racial makeup can be turned into a strength.

As far as the SCDEC, we shall see.


BP said...

I agree we need to do something about politics in Memphis. This is like the wild west. Criminals have taken over our town.

Reginald Milton said...


Thanks for coming to my site, please come back often.

You stay wild eyed idealistic. We need a whole lot more like you.

Reginald Milton said...

To 10:59 A.M.

I strongly disagree. I have been attending the SCDP meetings for several months now and is there discourse, are there drama queens/kings, are some there for personal gain? Yes to all of the above, but there are many more who are there because they believe in democracy. They want to work to make our City better. To lump them together into what you call "want-a-bes" is simple wrong.

During my bid for City Council I witnessed first hand things that were clearly unethical. I looked around to see who was there to police the process. It wasn't the election commission which was under staffed. It wasn't the press, who in my view spent far too much time covering which mayoral candidate was the bigger hater. So I turned to SCDP to see where they stood. It was apparent they were in no way prepared to deal with these issues. So after the race I decided not to spend my time pointing fingers but to get involved and help push for changes. I believe the best chance we have is to work to strengthen Party involvement. So that is exactly what I am now doing. You are welcome to join me.

Anonymous said...

I personally saw people pulling up candidates yard signs. This was from people yards! That shouldn't be allowed.

Anonymous said...

Didn't go to the Kennedy events. Now I wish I had. Been to SCDP meetings. Too much bitching for my taste. If you can herd these cats together Reginald you're a better man than me.

Check your forth movie with Mr. Robinson it went real slow on my computer.

Anonymous said...

This City has racial problems and its from both sides. These so call Black leaders have made it like that. I'm not talking about you Milton but you can't tell me that Blacks are not using Black folks to get ahead. Where's Harold Ford, Jr.!!! Once he was out of office he couldn't wait to leave this City.