Tinker Wants To Be Your Congresswoman

I attended the opening of Nikki Tinker's Campaign Office, which is located at 4230 Elvis Presley Blvd. The event was well attended and showed a lot of excitement and energy.

Nikki Tinker is running for the Ninth Congressional District presently held by Steve Cohen. She earned her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Alabama, where she was the first African-American elected president of the law school's student body. She earned her Master's Degree at Auburn University. After working in private practice in Birmingham, Memphis, and Washington, D.C., she became the General Counsel and Vice President of Labor Relations for Northwest Airlink/Pinnacle Airlines. She has been actively involved in community affairs and politics for years, and has served as campaign manager for, among others, Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. during his last two election cycles. She was a 2004 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention and is a former intern on Capitol Hill. She holds licenses to practice law in the district of Columbia, Tennessee, and Alabama. She has also been sworn in and admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

For more information, visit www.TinkerForCongress.com

This will basically be a two person race between sitting Congressman Steve Cohen and Ms. Tinker. Both are well respected. In 2006, Tinker came in second to Cohen with many believing she might have won if there were not so many other African Americans in the race. With these two going head to head it will be a question of: Do you think Steve Cohen has served District Nine in a manner that deserves another term or will this election confirm Cohen won only due to the splitting of the District Nine community?

Tell me what you think. Does Steve Cohen deserve another term? Is Nikki Tinker up to the job? Will race play a factor in this election?


Anonymous said...

lets hope this doesnt turn into a racist thing between a white man and a black woman.

Anonymous said...

Cohen knows this is his last term. He snuck in. Everybody knows this man is a career politician who would say or do what ever it takes to keep his job.

Time for change, time for Tinker!

Anonymous said...

What a joke...

A young girl walks up to her and said, "Ms. Tinker, My mom is on drugs, she is a prostitute, I live with my ill grandmother and I want to go to college, what can I do?"

Tinker answer: "Work hard, play by the rules, threat people right and you will go to college."

Cohen answer: Create a lotto program that to date has brought in over a billion dollars to help young people go to college.

Tinker has no answers only rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Tinker just another Ford. Harold Ford, Jr. didn't do s---t for South Memphis and what does he do when he don't have a job go to texas. "By By all you fools who voted for me I'm off to texas with my white wife!"

Anonymous said...

I am black & I think Steve Cohen is doing a fine job. I voted for him before
and will again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a racist it's just that a female from the inner city in my view has a closer understanding of the people being served. Steve Cohan doesn't have that connection. Nikki would represent my district better in my view.

Anonymous said...

6:43 am said that Cohen brought the Lotto to Tennessee.

Lotto is nothing but a tax on poor people so middle class kids can go to college!

It is a shame seeing all these poor people desperate to get out of poverty, plunking down their last few dollars hoping beyond hope to change their lives.

Then when the few poor kids are able to get into college they aren't prepared so they loose their Lotto scholarship.

Ms. Tinker is the hope for our community and she has my support 100%.

Anonymous said...

She's another carpetbagger. She knows nothing about district six and wouldn't have anything to do with it if it was not for the congress position. Cohen is ok by me so why change?

Anonymous said...

Harold Ford, Jr. didn't do s---t for South Memphis and what does he do when he don't have a job go to texas. "By By all you fools who voted for me I'm off to texas with my white wife!"

March 17, 2008 7:03 AM

Nikki Tinker is Nikki Tinker, she is not a Ford and cannot be one. Come on now, was South Memphis the only area on Harold's radar? Just a minor detail her, how many South Memphians were in the Thanksgiving and Christmas basket lines. This is by far not Harold's reason to serve South Memphis, but give at least credit for doing something that would make South Memphis hapoy. Check Harold's voting record in the Washington Post database. Get informed.

A white person is a human being just like a black person or any other person is. Therefore the man cannot be criticized for marrying a white woman. Let's be glad he is marrying a woman and not a man. At least he is not confused sexually. We all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness regardless of whether it is in Tennessee or Texas.

Anonymous said...


If you want to make a difference when you become Congresswomen push to reduce the number of African Americans being sentenced to years in jail for nonviolent crimes.

Anonymous said...

Hey March 17, 2008 3:38 PM


I may not have gone to college but that don't make me a fool. Any body can Google. So when you said I need to get information what make you think I didn't???

Take yourself over to Govtrack and see what they think of your boy.
Here is the site.

This guy is to busy trying to kiss the but of these republicans.

I live in South Memphis and goverment cheeze is all the Fords ever gave us. While they get rich you fools keep putting them in office!!!!

Reginald Milton said...

8:40 PM

WARNING, you came very close to being deleted. You can make your points without having to call people fools.

And the S--T is ok, but it's pushing it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Reginald for providing the clip. I watched it three times. Ms. Tinker said we have crime, our schools are bad, and we are poor. Heck I know that. She didn't say one thing about what she was going to do about it. I don't think she has one idea in that head of hers. No, I'm sticking with Cohen.

Anonymous said...

I love Nikki! We need a women to clean up the mess these men have made.

Anonymous said...

I may not have gone to college but that don't make me a fool. Any body can Google. So when you said I need to get information what make you think I didn't???

Why don't you try attending night school to get your GED. This would be a nice start.

Nothing in my comments remotely suggested that anyone was a fool. I simply stated the facts as I have observed and read them.

Harold Ford is not a boy. He is a man. Putting down African Americans who voted for Harold Ford, Jr shows just what kind of person you must be. Do you think all of the people who voted for Mr. Ford are without the ability to think for themselves. Surely not.

Anonymous said...

In 2006 I voted for Nikki Tinker because she showed the passion and concern needed for this community.

In 2008 she still shows that passion. She has my vote and I hope she has yours.

Vote Tinker!

Reginald Milton said...

Change, change, change, change, change, change, change, change,...

Everybody talking about change but in the end we're going to get the same old crap.

Tell us what you are going to do Ms. Tinker. Give us solutions, not tired rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

This should have nothing to do with race. Only qualifications. Heard Nikki Tinker speak before. She talks a great deal about being raised by a single parent and the problems that this city faces. To me she seems like she cares and she seem smart enough to do the job. Never heard Cohen speak so I can't say much about him. He hasn't been arrested so that's a plus.

Anonymous said...

i wish Nikki luck in her race, because it will be a veri tight race.

Anonymous said...

She came to my church. Everybody liked her she might win.

Anonymous said...

To all of you who voted for King Willie, now you know. He used you and you fell for it!

The Fords used you, King Willie used you, Ricky Peete used you.

It doesn't matter who South Memphians pick Cohen or Tinker because they are already screwed.

Anonymous said...

I am a Tinker support all the way. I don't know what Cohen has truly done. I will tell you what, I'm going to pull is voting record on the Hill and see what he's really been doing for Memphis and teh 9th District.

Anonymous said...

What has Mr.Cohen done? He has brought more federal money to the 9th district than any other Congressman from Memphis.

He has held numerous town hall meetings dealing with senior issues, foreclosures and small business.

He votes the best way for all people and not his ambition.

What record does Ms. Tinker have to put up against his record?

She talks about change but what has she changed?

I know someone who works for the campaign and came from out of town and their insights tell me a lot about her.

CSPAN said...


You people need to listen to me on this. It is about race.

The 9th District was created because blacks could not get elected in white districts. SOME whites will say it shouldn't be about race but their head would fall off before they would vote for a black. The 9th District was created FOR US!!!!

We have 11 Tennessee Congressional Members ALL ARE WHITE. You think things are fair, well try running a black in a mostly white district and see it he/she gets elected.

It is a disgrace to not have ONE Tennessee Congressional Member that is black.

SOME blacks will say it shouldn't be about race. I agree when we live in that perfect world until then we need more blacks in Congress, more black judges, more black doctors, teachers and on and on.

If you are black you are not being racist for voting for a black, because there are so few of us in office. I don't care how much Cohen says he represents us. It's more than him voting for issues he thinks we want. It about us being seen. I don't want to take my child up to Nashville, or D.C. and have her say, "Dad why are there no blacks." And all I can say is, "Well honey those white people are looking out for us." GET REAL!!!

Now get your butts out there and vote for Nikki Tinker!

Anonymous said...

cspan, now you talking man! These so call blacks going around saying they for Cohan when you have a educated sister wanten to work for us! What's wrong with them. They saying he doing his job. That what he suppose to be doing. People please don't let them mess with you're head vote for Tinker.

Anonymous said...

District Nine was created to have black representation. Cohen would not have won if the black vote had not be split. Come November Cohen should no longer be our Congressman.

Anonymous said...


Got to admit never thought of it that way. Cohen was going to be my pick and may still be but yea District 9 was created for African-American representation. I'm going to give Tinker a second look.

Anonymous said...

Congresswoman Nikki Tinker, that sounds nice.

Anonymous said...

I've been seeing more of Tinker lately. I think she is going to give Cohen a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

Vote Cohen.