Obama For President

Many of you will be voting this week on who you want to be our next President. Seeing that I have already voted I thought I would share with you my decision on whom I feel can best lead this country and why. I spent a great deal of time doing my homework. I listened to commentators, political pundit, and hired guns. I read news articles, blogs, and books written about the candidates. I watched the debates, I visited the candidates’ websites, I took part in polls and I even engaged in political quizzes (I suggest two www.politicalquiz.net and www.franz.org/quiz.htm). I spoke with friends, political experts and that guy who hangs around the bus shelter (Hey you never know where the best opinions can be found). I finally engaged in a deep personal reflection and asked who I felt was best, not just for Reginald Milton, but for this country I love so much. In the end I decided to vote for Barack Obama.

In deciding on the candidate of my choice, I first reflected on what were MY key issues on concern. These five issues are in no particular order:

Health Care – I run a small nonprofit and it is impossible for me to afford health benefits for my employees. We as a nation must get a handle on health care for the poor and middle class. Last Wednesday the United Nations Children’s Fund reported that in regards to health and safety the United States is the worst country in the industrialized world in which to be a child. This was base, in part, on our failing health care system.

Africa – Hear what I am saying, in the decades to come, Africa will become the Iraq of today. If things continue as they have this continent will become the breeding ground for most future terrorist. The bombing of the U.S. embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania, the attempted assassination of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and the growing number of terrorist training grounds in the Horn of Africa are only some of the warning signs. Also, as Russia and China start to flex they weight around many believe these two powers see Africa as the place to spread anti-American views in the hopes of securing oil reserves. From a humanitarian point-of-view we as citizens of the wealthiest nation on earth can not sit by as the Motherland of the World is raped of her natural resources, plagued by diseases, crippled by famine and torn apart from bloody tribal wars.

Inner City Blight – Not a popular topic on the campaign trail but ask any mayor from any major city and they will tell you of the suffering that is occurring in their urban communities. Not to mention that it is the sanctuary for gangs and drug distribution. Our urban communities have become a battle grounds with residents fighting for survival; leaving many in a state of hopelessness and apathy. Lyndon B. Johnson said, “Organized crime constitutes nothing less than a guerilla war against society." What was true then is still true today.

Education – A study done by the Organization for Cooperation and Development states that among adults age 25 to 34, the U.S. is ninth among industrialized nations in the share of its population that has at least a high school degree. In the same age group, the United States ranks seventh, with Belgium, in the share of people who hold a college degree. By both measures, the United States was first in the world as recently as 20 years ago. The U.S. is falling further and further behind other nations in the number of high school students graduating at a proficient level in math and science. This is a field we can not come in second, let along fifteenth.

Taxes – We must redesign our tax system. The working class is shouldering a higher rate of taxation while businesses and the wealth find an increasing number of exemptions. This is causing a widening in the economic disparity between the haves and have nots. If this social tension continues there will be a breaking point.

After deciding on the five most critical issues I weighed my choices. I am a proud Democrat. The ideology which this party follows on domestic issues falls closer to my views. I used to have a far more favorable opinion of the republicans on issues of international affairs, but under Bush, Jr. the neoconservatives have taken control and madness has run-a-muck. They have lost, possible forever, that cherished position.

I was leaning toward John Edwards. I felt he understood more than any of the other candidates the growing bifurcation in American of not only the rich and poor, but of those who believe in the American Dream and those who see it as a reoccurring nightmare. His speeches, which of course were not by accident, rekindled feelings of Robert Kennedy as he spoke of the poor in the South. When Edwards stepped down there was no doubt in my mind of the person I would choose, Senator Barack Obama.

As a Community Organizer I often see many of our challenges from the eyes of those who have been most marginalized. It is comforting to know that Senator Obama was once an organizer himself. You can’t hold such a position and not be profoundly moved by the lives of the people you serve. As well, Obama has made the medical crisis in our country a priority and actually utter those forbidden words, “Universal Healthcare.” Above all I must say I have been swept up in the call for change. I believe after two terms of Bush this Nation will need to take a hard look at itself. I believe this man can help us do just that.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Reginald, I love and respect you but Hillary is my girl!

She has the experience, the connections, and of course Bill!

When you go to vote. Vote Hillary for President!

Anonymous said...

Is Obama muslim? They said he was. The religious people here in america are not going to vote for a muslim.

Reginald Milton said...

To: 6:47 PM

Barack Obama is a committed and active Christian. He has been a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for 20 years, where he continues to attend services with his family. Barack has never been a Muslim or practiced any other faith besides Christianity, and in January 2005 he was sworn into the U.S. Senate on his family Bible.

I recommend that you go to this site to find out more about Senator Obama.


Reginald Milton said...

To 5:15 PM

I love Hillary too! I hope Obama picks her as his Vice President. Ha Ha Ha!

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama is not a Muslim, though he respects all faiths. He was raised and still is a Christian.

Senator Obama will make an outstanding President.

CSPAN said...

My 18 requests for the next President of the United States. You need to...
1)toughen the punishment for criminals. BUILD MORE JAILS, I'll pay for it.
2)end executions, our judicial system is not fair enough to justify it, but include life sentences that can not be revoked unless compelling evidence proves innocence. And pay public defenders more money.
3)include inner city gangs, and racist hate groups in the definition of terrorist.
4)tighten our boarders.
5)completely overhaul our schools. Vouchers are fine but for a private school to accept them they must pass an annual cost analysis to show they are not passing on expenses to parents to drive out the poor.
6)create a flat tax for everyone. Include some draconian punishments for those who cheat.
7)make marijuana legal, get over it. We lost that war a long time ago.
8)build more clinics so people who want to get off drugs can and make it easier for businesses to do drug tests.
9)Socialize Medicine - It scares me too, but doctors are leaving the field, hospitals are closing their emergency rooms, and we are facing a growing elderly population. Something has to be done.
10)civil unions, yes, ONLY if we change the Constitution to define marriage as being between one man and one women of proper age. If we don't this year it's civil unions next year it's gay marriages.
11)reduce the number of nuclear weapons to only 25% of our present stock pile. Damn, now we can only blow up the world 10 times.
12)Affirmative Action in government , the military, and colleges/universities - yes, in businesses - no. But strengthen discrimination laws.
13)Abortion, get over it. We are not returning to "back-alley-abortions". Even if you repealed Roe V. Wade, with RU-486 and other such drugs you won't stop abortions.
14)Gun Control, get over it. Americans love their guns. Now for AK- 47 Assault Rifle ok I can see some restrictions.
15)Raise the age on Social Security by five years, reduce/eliminate benefits to people over a certain income and then stop messing with it.
16)Iraq, NEWS FLASH, we ain't going no where. Get over it. We will be there when your great grandchildren are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
17) with Minimal Wage increases you only hurt small businesses and reduce the number of people they can employee. We need to tie the Minimal Wage to the Cost of Living. Sounds like a contradiction? Well it is, somethings have no answer.
18)George Bush, Jr. SUCKS. You know it, I know it. Let's all agree on that and move on. And by the way take that damn "W" off your SUV.

Reginald Milton said...


So nice to hear from you again. You always offer an interesting opinion.

I strongly agree with your view on the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Stockpile, but I would call for an even greater reduction.

Go back to the Homepage and scroll down to the bottom and click on Ben's BB Demonstration. I think after seeing that you will know why CSPAN and I want to see a reduction in nuclear arms.

Anonymous said...

Flat tax YES! Even better NO tax at all.

Anonymous said...

We don't need a democrat or a republican, we need a leader. For 7 years this nation has been without leadership. CSPAN you are right bush has hurt this country in ways that will take many years to correct. I'm with you Mr. Milton. We need a leader that can work with people not divide them. Senator Obama can do that. Senator Clinton can't.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Edwards will endorse Hillary or Obama?

Anonymous said...

Cspan, you can't be serious. Just because women can get abortions we should support it. So from that logic since people commit murder we should allow it. Rethink your view because abortion = murder.

Reginald Milton said...

To: 2:29 PM

It would be very difficult to impossible for Edwards to endorse Hillary. Throughout his campaign he focused on the difference between the two. Clearly he is much more inline with Senator Obama.

Anonymous said...

Abortion = Murder
Ignorance + Arrogance = Republican

Anonymous said...

"George Bush, Jr. SUCKS. You know it, I know it. Let's all agree on that and move on. And by the way take that damn "W" off your SUV."

If it wasn't so true it would be funny. As Bush term come to a end you will see more and more republicans coming out and speaking the truth. This man has flushed our country down the drain. It will take generations to correct all the mistakes he has done.

You are right also about us never leaving Iraq. I don't care if it is Ms. Clinton or Mr. Obama they can't do anything but see this nightmare through.

Anonymous said...

Obama is kicking Hillary's butt. She had to fire her campaign manager. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!

Anonymous said...

It is very sad, but I believe that the Democratic Party really wants Hillary to be the candidate for their party. I am afraid that some back room tricks might be pulled off to keep Obama out even if the public says overwhelmingly that he, Obama, is their choice. I do not believe that the Democrats think that Obama can beat McCain. The Democrats really take the African American vote for granted. If African Americans could learn to think outside of the box, this would come to an end. Look intelligently at all candidates and what they have to offer. Do not be limited to a particular party.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm. Who to support? Who to support? The candidate who's 20% lead has evaporated over the past 6 months, or, the candidate who has surged to the lead from 20% back over the same time period? The policy wonk, or, the inspirational leader? The one candidate guaranteed to unify the Republicans, or, a candidate who has proven "cross over appeal" for moderate Republicans? Hmmmmm. Why, oh why, is this such a difficult choice!

Reginald Milton said...

2:43 PM

There is a great deal of wisdom in what you said. Don't give up the fight.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Bill have started using the race-card again to stop Obama. Guess Bill wasn't the first Black President after all.