Let Us Go Forward

As we say farewell to 2007 and prepare to welcome 2008 it is traditional for many to reflect on the pass year and plan for the coming year with New Year’s Resolutions.

I am no different. As I look back on 2007 there were good moments and bad. Our nonprofit has grown with new staff and more funding. My family, we’re all still here. I got a taste of politics and though it was bittersweet the experience was well worth it. This year my childhood friend passed away unexpectedly. As young boys he and I must have climbed every tree in South Memphis. Though as adults we had grown apart, he was my very first friend and I will miss him. If you have a friend that you have not spoken to for a long time stop and make a call. You never know what could happen. Overall 2007 was a good year.

As far as resolutions, I’ve made the same ones I’m sure you have: read more, work less, eat healthier, loose weight, etc. None of which I achieved. The truth is they lied to us. They promised us with all this new technology that our lives would be easier and more fulfilling. Well with cell phones, emails, microwave ovens all they have done is helped to cram more stuff into less time. Is it me or does it seem time is moving faster? All my resolutions are worthy goals so I will make them again, and very likely fail again. But that’s life. There is an additional resolution I plan to add and it’s one I hope all of you will consider. I plan to be more positive about my City. I know, I know, there is much to complain about. What is regrettable is that we spend so much time looking at the worst of Memphis that we can’t see the good. This is a great City and I’m proud to live here.

Through this blog I hope to get to know all of you better and I sincerely wish each of you a wonderful 2008!


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Reginald.

Anonymous said...

156 people have been killed in Memphis. The best resolution for this city is that people pyut down these guns and pick up the bible.

Anonymous said...

People in Memphis have a love/hate relationship with this City. Its like a relative you make fun of but love anyway. The problem is that some people take it too far. We need to be more supportive. I'll put on my list.

Anonymous said...

I read your dialogue. It's sad that you had such terrible childhood experiences. These awful experiences must have left terrible scars on you emotionally. In that you remember, recall and write them, I would say they do. Often times we wonder why people behave as they do, if we only knew their story. I am glad that you have found a way to unleash the the pain. Hopefully healing has begun for you.

Anonymous said...

We need to start out pryaing to God for mercy and forgiveness of the ills of the poeple in this nation. Only then can we see a difference. People no longer love one another. They choose to hurt rather than help. They choose to deceive rather than reprieve.

If we do not turn from the unnatural desires we now have and turn to how God made us to be, this world will quickly be suffering beyond our ability to withstand.

Our world has become perverted morally basically because of sexual laxity. Where are the human restraints to what a person will do. Anyone with a half of a brain should know that people cannot do what ever they so choose. If so, let us just call the murderers right and let them loose.

Anonymous said...

You make mention of what the whites have done to the blacks in the areas of discrimination. On how many occasions are you willing to admit the discrimination of blacks against blacks? Will you reasonably agree that it reaches far beyond what ignorant whites have done to blacks.

Blacks have killed more blacks than the white man has ever lynched. Blacks men have raped more black women than the white man ever raped. Blacks have stolen far more from blacks than the white man could ever steal. Do the math and you will see the picture. Who goes around impregnating their women and and then abandoning them to raise children alone? Black men. Who stands on the corners selling crack to black women and black men. Black men, black women, black boys and black girls. What was done to blacks during slavery and by way of discrimination can never be called right. But weigh what happend then against what is happening now and the scales will not balance. Of the 156 people killed in Memphis, I feel confident in saying that 100 are black on black crimes. What do you suppose is the cause. The cause is blacks hating blacks. No love, no care. This is the ghetto version. But the blue collar crimes are there as well. Those who under the cover of professionalism scheme and plot and take away what is meant to better the African American community but line their own pockets thinking that it will go unnoticed. Pay day awaits all. I don't expect to hear from anyone on this one. It hits too close to home.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Milton,

May 2008 be your year. Memphis needs more people like you. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Yes those are good new year resolutions and bashing the city is something I've been doing for a long time because the people who run this city could do a better job. They are in it for the job and not the people look at Harold Ford, Jr. we made him congressman and when he step out of office how did he repay Memphis. He left this city. These people don't care and we keep putting them in office like Ophela and Edmond, Jr. What have these people ever did for this district. Why do we give people leadership positions when they never were willing to follow. Stupid, that's what it is and that's why I keep talking negative about memphis because they are so stupid. You can post this or not, but people need to wake up and ask more questions.

Anonymous said...

Is 4:58 really trying to compare what black criminals do to blacks as the same as what white people have done to us? Oh My God! Can you believe this? You need to take a few history classes.

You are trying to compare what a GOVERNMENT and the people in the MAJORITY did to an entire group of people to some hood rat with a third grade education. Please!

Now you see why when people say you blacks need to get over this. The reason we don't is because like what you said in an earlier post Mr. Milton, hate waits for us to forget. I bet this guy would love for us all to forget so they can start the killing all over again. These racist look and see that there are many educated whites that won't fall for their lies so they want us all to stop talking about the pass and they want to change history to make slavery, the holocaust, the killing of Native Americans, the concentration camps for Japanese Americans, women in servitude to men and on and on as nothing more than foot notes in history.

They dream of a race war where people will be forced to take sides and they can once and for all have their final solution. Well dream on. You had your chance and civilized people stood and and said HELL NO!!! 4:58 go shovel that crap some place else.

Reginald Milton said...

To 4:58 PM

You said...

"You make mention of what the whites have done to the blacks in the areas of discrimination. On how many occasions are you willing to admit the discrimination of blacks against blacks? Will you reasonably agree that it reaches far beyond what ignorant whites have done to blacks."

No I do not agree. Black-on-Black crime is not discrimination it is opportunism. Criminals, the cowards that they are, seek anonymity; they hide among those they pry on. That is why most crimes committed by Whites are against Whites and the same for any other racial or ethnic group.

Discrimination is the act of depriving a defined group certain liberties based on the advantaged position of those that are discriminating.

I believe you already know this and your question was less an opportunity to seek enlightenment but to cloud the issue of my comments. None the less I wish you a very Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

12:16 p.m. said that 156 people had been killed in Memphis. and we need to put down the gun.

You are right. There is so much hate and the value of human life is nothing. Memphis has a disproportionate number of poor residents. Many don't know were to turn to deal with issues of anger. We glamorize violence and are surprised our children embrace these views.

Let's hope 2008 will be a better year for everyone.

Anonymous said...